Sunday, October 6, 2013

r + r = the bright side

This morning, I was thinking about negative self-talk.  Do you do it?  

I do, quite a bit.  It's not super-obvious.  I'm not like, "I hate you, Emily, you suck."  

I'm like, "I should really have done ____."  or "I should be more like her."  or "I was lazy today, I need to be better tomorrow.  Like, much better."  or "I should really stop eating these chips." or "I should get off the couch and do something."  

I rarely tell myself, "hey, that was awesome!" when I have a good mama or wifey or teacher moment.  Yet, I want to be the kind of mom and the kind of teacher who celebrates the little and big moments. 

Ah, the moment.  Living in the moment is tough.  If we're in the moment, though, we can hear our intuition, we can celebrate the now.

That word "should" is killer anyway.  As in, destroys life.  Shoulda woulda coulda.  (and why do they all have l's?)  Leads us away from the present, into the quicksand of regret.

What "should" I be doing?  Who effing cares!  

What do you want to do?  What makes you feel your best?  Act your best?  

Eating more chips or making a yummy salad?
Staying on the couch on the laptop or getting in bed and reading that great book?    
Procrastinating or making it happen?

I tend to "should" myself a lot on weekends like this, free of obligations, full of time.  I also tend to want to nap a lot on these sorts of weekends, leading to regret when the "should" list doesn't get finished.  Looking on the positive side, we all got some needed rest around here.  We spent some happy times around our yard and we played music together.  I realized the best new place for my yoga mat, finished my grades, and my daughter is so happy and fun!  My husband is home for good, and tomorrow is a new day.  

A new day for looking on the bright side, celebrating what we want to see more of.

What do you want to see more of this week?  What makes you feel your best?  


  1. Yes, enjoying the moments of indulgence and also dedicating time for hobbies and chores is a tough balance. LOVE YOU! Glad Jamily is back together again!

    1. thank you, dear friend. love, love, love!

  2. I *just* put something up about this on facebook:

    Read it, it's awesome. One thing that made a huge difference for me a few years back was watching What the Bleep Do We Know? There's a portion of the movie where they talk about the effect of thoughts on water... I actually had read the book that came out of that experiment even before I watched the movie. Anyway... the movie poses the question: What are we doing to ourselves when we think negative thoughts at ourselves?

    1. love it, and I want to see that film again. I remember feeling like a different person after watching it years ago. Thanks for sharing, chica!



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