Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eleven Comments on November

Wow!  This month started with a pledge to practice yoga daily, to write daily.  Tomorrow is December the first, and my aspirations of becoming a better version of myself weren't lost, thankfully.  Realizations have come on the page, in thought, in conversation.  I am changing.

Things I've Learned this Month, {with links to related posts}

1.  I love blogging and yoga, now more than the first day.  {Grace (Every Damn Day)}

2.  Motherhood has made me love writing even more.  I want to improve my descriptions of my babies and experiences in childbearing/rearing.
{little moonbeam, strawberry chapstick}

3.  I am interested in PR.  Didn't see that coming, being a music teacher and all!  The more time I spend reading and writing in this facet, the more I'm inspired by good advertising.  Maybe strange, but true.  {Three peaceful gifts on this Friday}

4.  Sharing music through blogging is something I want to work on, both on having the skills to use this site to share multifaceted media, and writing more about music here and elsewhere.  {GooGoo Gaga, Myspace (Notebooks)}

5.  Balance and blogging is tough.  While some bloggers complain about not knowing what to write about, I tend to err on the side of 10 million ideas.  It feels good to finish some of those drafts!  Like- {Choir Chatter: Planning a Choir Tour}

6.  Time away from the computer = increased creativity and productivity.  Writing in a notebook is KEY.  Editorial calendars are brilliant.  Striving for reading/writing time to be 60% print and 40% screen.  {Face Type}

7.  R & R can apply to anything.  Exercise, beauty, sleep, playing music, cooking.  I will always be resetting and reworking my habits, as I am far from a 'creature of habit'.  Valuing the cycles of life and nature helps.  Valuing my creativity does, too.  {R & R}

8.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  When I entertain, I try to ignore the tip jar, I find I play more freely.  There are millions of writers and blogs in this big ol' net.  The mommy-blogger world is saturated to overflowing, a huge audience isn't realistic.  Nonetheless, I love writing about my life, sharing my thoughts with the world.  {show the world your true self}

9.  Backbone- posture is still a weakness for me, and something I need to work on for my health and happiness.  My daily yoga practice is here to stay.  {Yoga ('tis the Season)}

10.  Eating challenges, internet challenges, they aren't so different.  Nourishment is essential for life but there is always access to detrimental food.  Internet is not quite essential, but extremely useful. The willpower to limit what I use both for and when... now that's genius!  Willpower- possible upcoming blog topic? {nourishment & triggers}

11.  It grows.  This summer, I wrote almost everyday.  Many of those drafts sit on my computer, in my notebook, and may never see the public eye, may become a book.  We'll see.  Some of my writing is better when it has the chance to simmer and be revisited.  No need to post it all online, that's for sure.  I plan to focus some of my writing energy into other channels soon.

12.  My husband is more supportive and kind than I've ever dreamed.  He was a rock this month (as always), and I know he is looking forward to the end of NaBloPoMo, too. {Happy Birthday}

So, thanks, NaBloPoMo.

And thank YOU for reading, encouraging, and commenting on my writing here.  It will be fun to see where it all goes.  For December, the goal is posting three times weekly, and utilizing my calendar/notebooks more.

Did you see the giveaway I posted on Thanksgiving?
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