Thursday, November 28, 2013

Giving Thanks {with Boat Co. Family & Pots by Amy}

Today, I am sitting at home in Helena, Thanksgiving Prep begun, house soon to be full with family love.  I am revisiting a draft started many months ago, thinking fondly of summer at Many Glacier with Glacier Park Boat Company.

The Morning Eagle and Two Guns are tucked away in their Boat houses, sheltered from the impending winter harshness.  They've finished another busy season of tours and boat (kayak, canoe, rowboat) rentals.  James has been doing this for 10 years, it's his element.  I still giggle with the same excitement on his Boat tour (which he can say in his sleep).

Part of the joy of the seasonal lifestyle is the people.  Even though they may be temporary, the relationships you make in seasonal work are different.  You grow closer more quickly because of the setting.  I have made so many friends over the summers at Many Glacier and feel lucky to have spent that time with such a wide array of individuals.

Being the busiest location on the East Side, Many Glacier staffs their Boat Co with 8 captains.  Add Josephine and I, and you have a house of 10 folks.  Most of whom are 20-something, fresh for adventure in the Park, and graciously take to living with our family.  Each day, the captains wake and are on the boat by 7:30 am.  They spend their days giving tours on the water, answering questions, guiding hikes, slinging rentals.  In an emergency, they are often the first to take care of business, having access to a radio and being a home target for someone in distress.  Driving Boats, Saving Lives.

In the evening, the boat returns with the crew.  Sometimes, we jump in the lake.  Then it's dinner and merriment.  Whether jamming together, watching the Office, playing cards, and of course-- hiking, the crew becomes family.  This year, we saw that happen in another dimension: through Josephine.

Everyone formed their own friendship with our little sweet pea.  Pushing her wagon, taking her outside for a walk, feeding her Pringles.  Keeping her occupied while I put one more load in the car/washer/stove.  Visits to the Ticket Office.  The crew even pitched to babysit so that James and I could get a couple mountain summits in.

We are so thankful to have these people as a part of our life, it was a fantastic summer chock-full of memories.  For me, highlights were Margaret's dreads and long convos, dinner with Emily's family, hiking with Abby and Tarek, Josey's full-on obsession with Mat, singing with Sarah in her first Hootenanny, witnessing Erik and Monica's blossoming Glacier love.  Seeing this group of people in the audience at Hootenannys, playing with Josey.  Pictures just don't do justice and I know y'all have your own special memories, too!

Josephine is a better person for her time with these gems of Boat Captains, we are too!

This year, as a thank you, we commissioned my lovely artist friend, Amy, to make her ceramic mugs for the crew.

Amy is a steadfast and generous friend, we met teaching at Florence, and have become great friends since.  She made a beautiful set of mugs as gifts for her & her husband Adam's lovely wedding.  

James and I love our mugs, and always think of their wedding weekend & playing music at their lovely gathering.  We wanted to show our appreciation for this year's crew with something they could take with them on their next step in life.

Heart's in Many Glacier

Our heart goes out to all of you people this Winter and we hope to see you back next summer!



Today for Thanksgiving, we are doing our first giveaway here on the blog- courtesy of Amy!  You can win this lovely Missoula, MT mug!

After visiting Amy's Etsy, leave a comment below, "Who are you giving thanks for this year?"  We'll choose the lucky winner on Monday.

Thank you, Amy!  Thank you, Boat Co!



  1. Giving thanks to my wonderful soon to be husband for the balance and laughter he adds to my life. Love the mugs!

    1. Oops! My sister-in-law was signed in, not me!

    2. Cheers to men who bring balance and laughter!

  2. Love these mugs! Giving thanks for two spry little humans that I birthed. They keep things in focus for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Ah- children do keep things in perspective. One of the many bonuses of being a mom! xo



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