Tuesday, November 5, 2013

mtn mama: fall back

We probably won't win parents of the month, but James and I went on a date in the big city last night (yes, the night after daylight savings) for a ski movie.  Snow had been swirling and lowering in the Bitterroots through the weekend only to see a couple flakes fly at our house.  It felt perfect, driving through fluffy flakes to Zootown!  Falling back into winter again, James' favorite season.

After a fun & rewarding (new-to-us baby snowboots!) stop at Goodwill, we dropped Josey with our friend Sara (one of many summer roommates at Many Glacier), and went to campus for a ski/avalanche safety talk and movie.  A couple brought their baby a few months younger than JJ, and I immediately felt guilty.  We took bets on how long their crackers would last, as things were starting very leisurely.  It was nice to be on a date with my snowman and not tethered to baby, whose babble I couldn't help but tune in to throughout the night while mama played with her in the hall.

The presentation jogged ideas:

- how much I love film.
-using"protocol" for employees in GNP, so the deaths we experienced in the valley could have been prevented.  Something else to talk to Glacier Park Foundation about.
-how nice it is when things are clearly defined.
-of course, excited to ski this year!

Returning to our little chatterbox, dinner at 5-on-Black was awesome (this new Missoula restaurant serves flavorful, Brazilian-inspired rice-bowls -gluten-free!).  I love hearing about freshman year of college from Sara, seeing her red hair & remembering summer!  Leaving her off at the dorms, it dawned that my 10-year HS reunion is this summer.  Wow.

On the way home, we realized how really late it was for JJ, considering the new change.  She deliberately practiced her nonsense language in the back for awhile, before ya-ya-ing to the middle phrase of twinkle twinkle, which has been her new hook.  Hearing her voice develop might be my favorite thing about being her mom.  There are lots of favorite things.  I handed her her giraffe around Lolo, and she slept.

Waking at home, her voice was hoarse, and I heard a funny sound in her throat.  By the time I was putting her to bed, her body long and heavy in my arms, I was calling to James, "I think she's really sick."

She wheezed and cried through the night, and I searched the internet, to determine 90% croup. We've never had it, but it is the most terrifying sickness JJ has ever had!  Her inhalations loud, her cough like a bark, panicked gasps for air.

In the morning, I was tired and woke late.  She sounded terrible and I wanted to stay, but it was past cutoff to call a sub, and James was home.  I couldn't stop thinking about her at work all morning, and arranged to leave at lunch.

Our Jamily went in to the clinic, pretty sure at this point it was croup, optimistically telling JJ about the doctor.  On the way in, she cough/barked to throw up her apple juice all over us in the parking lot.  Poor girl, eyes glazed over, tired.  By the time we cleaned up and waited for the nurse to fetch us, she was happy talking about fish.  They tested her O2 at first, and it was low, because she was freaking out.  After more waiting, a saline mask, and a cuddly clingy babe, we held her down for a steroid shot.

Many questions were answered, and we had a relaxing evening together after a needed nap. Hoping for a better night sleep for all of us tonight.

It never gets easy to leave those two, cause love keeps growing.  Changes in season and appreciating her changes: vocabulary, mobility, the love she shows, her weight in my arms when she needs me- it's all MORE.

JJ last Fall

(This post is part of NaBloPoMo, a challenge to post a blog everyday in November.)

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