Monday, November 25, 2013

Mtn Mama: Strawberry Chapstick

One sunny summer day, JJ and I traveled to the big city of St. Mary for some treats.  On the way back, she fell asleep, giraffe in mouth, yellow beads adorning.

When we pulled up to the boathouse she awoke, excited to be home and outside!  Me, I was in “clean out the car mode”.  Piling up sippy cups, sweatshirts, consolidating garbage.  I had a paper bag with a half-gallon of milk and greek yogurt "gogee" for us, told her I was going to put it in the fridge, be right back.  

When I returned, little JoJo was sitting in the front seat, with a proud, satisfied smirk.  My strawberry chapstick curled in her fingers like a treasure.  

Around this point in the summer, she'd gotten into everything from gum to the card decks to toothbrushes.  Child-proofing was reactive in the boathouse.  

As soon as I wanted something back from her, she had become deadset to have it (hasn't changed).

I imagined her mouth full of chapstick if I didn't get it from her, but I didn't want a fight.  Instead of challenging her, I took her hand gently, smiling, and put the chapstick on my own lips, with her help.

Her eyes grew wider, dabbing the yummy goodness to her own mouth.  She carefully returned the pink cap, and I suggested we go for a walk.  Little Missy did not let go of her found prize.

When I picked James & Josey up from the airport yesterday, one of the first things she said to me was "ga-git!" (Chapstick).  Now, it's her own obsession.  Along with lotion, (still "sunscreen"), and toothpaste.  

She’s going to keep discovering things she likes, like Strawberry Chapstick, cookies, toys, iPads.

We can't know when & where.
I wonder- do our introductions to food & objects change us?    What do you think, based on your experience?


I'd love you to chime in!    


  1. Aw, that's adorable!
    My littlest (18.5 months) is obsessed with balloons, pens and um, car keys. He pokes the balloons with the pens and car keys. Destructive much? :)

    1. Love it, Alison! Balloons are amazing, I don't even know what JJ would do if she had one. We like pens around here, too, if they have caps! Thanks for reading- working on your list all the time! :)

  2. Isn't it awesome seeing them awaken into themselves. I continue to love, at age 3 and 7, their discoveries and loves.

    1. Hi & Yes! Absolutely amazing. Makes me so excited for her to grow up and to have more kids. Just found your site- excited to check it out more!



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