Monday, November 4, 2013

Cheering NaBloPoMo...

I felt that time change today, did you?  This morning, I woke up with a headache and clenching jaw- and hurried out to my lavender yoga mat because my back hurt so bad.  I don't know if doing the yoga the past couple days led to that, or writers crunch/clenching my teeth.  Do you hunch when you write?  Good thing to check in on.  Imagine your shoulder-blades have butterfly wings. It's helping me!

I'm excited about yoga every damn day, and I'm loving the NaBloPoMo challenge, although, can we please change the name?  I'm awkward enough talking about my blog, then to try and spit that out?

From what I've seen there is an interesting mix of writers, and there are 2,000 of us, people! Looking forward to see what the month will bring and which posts the Blogher editors choose to highlight.  I am really hoping to improve my writing and organization for blogging.

I think one thing that REALLY helps is putting things in a couple categories, and trying to post within them throughout the course of a week or two.  I would love to get to the point where I have it down to the day, but it seems that life always gets in the way, and I feel like writing something at a certain time, and less like posting it later.

Does this happen to you?

I plan to dust off some drafts throughout this process, and maybe even leave some posts where someone else does the work for me (a video or work of art to ponder).  I can't write amazing, jaw dropping pieces everyday, but I can blog everyday!  A creative challenge.  My horoscope says it's time, but I know that I need to watch the clock or this month will get the best of me at night.

I read "We are Not Our Mothers," a featured post on today, and it made me think of how much I AM my mother. One of my wonderful tendencies I get from my Mama is cheerleading!  I was never a cheerleader, but I love to cheer people on!  That's part of what blogging is for me.  Cheerleading myself into the best version of me I can become, and sharing that journey on the crazy computers that dominate the world these days.

How cool to participate in something with over 2,000 other writers!
Writing, posting,
ALL the WAY!

Oh, and that name.  Wrovember?  (Like Movember?)  Any good ideas?  What do y'all say when you're talking about this crazy challenge?  Do you say NaBloPoMo?  Just new-comer questions.

Suggestions?  Comment?  For now, I'll abreviate.  Go NaMo!

PS- Some Happy Links:

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  1. I love NaMo!!! Much better! And what I love most is that it only requires posting every day, not writing. I'm not above using that little cheat quite often. {smile}
    Good luck!



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