Sunday, November 3, 2013

nourishment & triggers

I'm one of those up-and-down people, a roller coaster.  My highs are higher, my lows lower.  Thank goodness, Mr. Wonderful is a cool cucumber and balances me. My students know that uneven side of me.  They'll say, "we all have good days and bad days".  Lately, I've been tired, sluggish, and not my best me.

Some days, it's like I drank a Big-Sip of crab apple juice, or a sedative, or both.  Usually after I've eaten tons of candy, carbs, or, sheepishly, McDonalds.  I've done all the above lately.  Let's blame First Trimester- feeling hungover, tired, and craving carbs.  Not good for the countenance or cellulite.  More on why First Trimester Sucks later this week- thankfully it's over!  I don't want to be using the "pregnant women can eat anything" stereotype to get through these next 6 months.


I can't prove anything about my personal DNA, but I know my emotions are tied up in food.  Physically, mentally... philosophically.  I experience depression and anxiety, but have a better outlook when I eat healthy and exercise.  Food challenges might never disappear, but eliminating triggers is a start.  Triggers aren't foods you eat at your lowest (McDonalds, I'm looking at you!).  Triggers are the everyday foods that many eat with no issue, but send you down a path to a yucky binge.  My triggers are food in the staff room, the office, or when a student brings me a treat, and not eating a healthy breakfast.  The more sugar and salt I have in my body, the more I slip into the quicksand.

Knowing that the holidays are coming up, I want to establish better eating habits and resolve to say "no thank you" to foods that make me feel yucky.  My blood pressure was high at the end of pregnancy with Josephine.  Pregnancy challenges like Type 2 Diabetes, Group B Strep, high blood pressure, constipation, can be prevented by keeping a healthy diet. This time, I know better!

So, while turning over fallen leaves and resetting, I'm going to be more nutritiously aware:

Also, yummy kitchen creations upcoming week!

*We recently acquired a Winter Storage CSA from Harlequin Produce.  100 lbs!  

Tom Ka Soup (made a big batch of this- didn't have mushrooms or lemongrass.  Amazing!)

For later in the week:

Fall Detox Soup (substituting potatoes for rutebagas)

Curried Carrot Soup

*My body is quite accustomed to sweets lately with the Halloween influx of candy and cookies (and a decision to eat ice cream almost every night).  Resetting with homemade, gluten-free options this week.

Honey-Peanut Butter Bars (super-easy, super-delicious!)

Gluten-Free Chocolate Muffins (used applesauce, and cranberries instead of apricots)

Have a great week!

*Rollercoaster image from CSFreshInk.Com, Junior Image from


  1. Oh god... that soup looks good! Pinned! And I'm gonna have to try the honey peanut butter bars!

    I sympathize on the food attachment/up & down thing... I'm a closet McDonalds eater because it was "special food" as a child (although not lately - after pregnancy I seem to get sick from it, and I'm not sad about it!) and my blood sugar goes crazy if I don't eat consistently.

  2. yes, I am glad you can sympathize. McDonalds was a special treat for us, too. The soup is delish, make it! xoxo



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