Saturday, November 2, 2013

r + r = seasonal skin reset


I don't know about you, but I'm feeling itchy and pokey.  Montana is getting cold, the leaves are mostly fallen.  The skin on my bum, my torso, and my legs is dry.  I usually just moisturize my arms and legs when getting out of the shower (and use a body scrub in it), but when the weather changes, I need to re-set my whole outer-layer.   Weekends are about just that.  Resetting.  That's why I started the morning with yoga (interrupted often by Josey, but got me stretching and I haven't really stopped since).  Here's my Saturday action plan for itchy, dry winter skin (thanks to tips from BijaBody):

1.  Get a dry brush!  I just purchased one last week, and I wish that I'd started using it years ago, because just one use with my regular routine after resulted in much softer skin.  You rub a dry brush on your skin before getting in the shower and it does a lot of the initial exfoliating for you, and helps to improve circulation.

2.  Make a coffee/honey scrub.  Easiest way: use your grounds from the morning, add a couple spoonfuls of honey, and mix with rice flour.  You're going for cohesive consistency to spread over your body.

3.  Allocate some me-time.  I'm taking advantage of Josey's nap.  Putting on some tunes (I can't get enough Lorde!  Pump it up.).

4.  After dry-brushing, shower and shampoo, then treat your hair with coconut oil.  We buy it in bulk at Costco.  This is super-moisturizing for the dry, cold weather, and smells delish.  If you don't have any, conditioner will do!

5.  On goes the coffee scrub.  Apply in circles over all the skin you feel needs it.  It will be messy but the caffeine will feel so good on your skin, plus it improves circulation and reduces cellulite!  Let sit as long as you like, then rinse.  This scrub is a great impetus to clean your tub or shower...

Drain cleaner.  House scent-resetter:
1/4 cup of each, cover for 15 min, follow with boiling water.

6.  Follow with a good moisturizer.  Coconut Oil was my choice today.  I love Bija Body Beauty Serum.

*I also used my favorite, easy-to-make, face wash today while this beauty business was going on.  Tomorrow I plan to follow-up up with a little self-waxing, thanks to some awesome recommendations of my friend Erin, who is in school in NYC to be an esthetician!*

Aveda School, NYC

If you have a couple more minutes, follow up with a fun nail color- I'm going with a bright peach for Fall- then go enjoy your weekend, glowing and refreshed for November!


  1. Yay! I was planning on cleaning my bathtub this afternoon anyway... coffee scrub first! Thanks for the reminder to use the weekend to relax + reconnect. <3

    1. @Amy York thanks for checking in! I am so glad I scrubbed and relaxed! xoxo



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