Thursday, November 21, 2013

R & R: show the world your true self.

Every sound made me jump for the first while, but then I slept.  The house was quiet this morningYoga and ideas happened and writing here.  Which = hurry and get out the door....  

Ah.  Self-image.  

Yes, it's one that I have struggled with since, forever.  

I don't know why, but even as a young toddler, I wanted to please others.  For some people, this is a driving force in life.  I get that.  

So, I have a bunch of great ideas, but then one thing or another holds me back.  It is often worrying what other people think of me, rather than acting as I'd like to.  Holds me back from being the best mom and friend and teacher that I can be.  The whole "powerful beyond measure" sentiment is overshadowed by, "will they think I'm trying to hard?  that I'm too _____ or _____?"

Using my true heart.  Using my intuition.  That would lead to beyond powerful, helping others, spreading light.

Do you do that?  Worry about what other people think?  I think it's something you grow out of.  Maybe I'm late at growing out of it.  But today, I'm sick of letting thoughts of what others think of me hold me back.  

I feel that the internet is changing my brain in a bad way, and today is a good day to recognize that and focus on choir more, get a better system in mind.  

Looking forward to singing with VSA tonight!  I have missed them.    

If you're here, reading, thanks for following along!  I really recommend making yourself write everyday.  Blogging everyday is another animal.  Yes, I will finish out November, but phew!  Steady on, sister.

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  1. YES. I know how this feels. I had this tab open for a while in my browser and kind of want to do a post on it, but it hasn't coalesced yet.



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