Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yoga ('Tis the Season)

Officially, it's Holiday season: Thanksgiving approaching, Christmas on the horizon.  Things are happening, and we all know the wheels don't stop from here on out.  The moon is full tonight, and we start to push ourselves, burn that candle.

After Holidays concerts cease,  I usually get a cold (not the first one of the season).  This one starts as a headache, extends through my neck soon into my sinuses, as all the tension in my body is finally released.  After a couple of days of sleep, neti pots, a lot of water, and stretching, I'll feel better.

I wondered what would be different if I practiced yoga, and reflected here everyday.
Can I avoid getting to that point?  Stretch in more gratitude, health, or just presence this season.  

Here we are, 17 days in.

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Yogi is my helper.  

No, I haven't done a total 180, but my energy is better.  I know I'll handle these pregnancy changes better if I continue this daily practice of awareness.  My posture tends to be slouchy, and yoga helps. 

By starting each morning on the mat (anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes), I'm more aware of my body, and usually continue to stretch and make alignment adjustments throughout the day to ease the kinks. 

Yoga can help everyone.  
Yesterday, I chatted with my parents after their Saturday morning yoga.  Dad say, "it's great!"  "It was HIS idea," Mom chimes in, happily.  Yep!

  • Yoga is a great way to release tension, whether it be physical or mental.  
  • It puts the focus on the present, even if for one moment.  
  • Practicing daily is helping me breathe through uncomfortable feelings in my body and mind, too.
  • Spending time in challenging poses helps me collect needed confidence for the day. 

Busy mamas: the best time to practice yoga is while your family slumbers.  Have room to leave your mat out?  Do it, it will remind you to come back.

I breathe, ujaii breath (Darth Vader/Ocean sounds) and my body and mind open.  My toes spread on the mat, and I begin these sequences I learned before I was a mom.  (When I had money and time for yoga classes, I lived for a hot class here.)  

I remember. Now, I’m moving on the breath, my muscles and tendons relish the stretch, my heart relishes the challenge.  My alignment refreshes, my body wakes up. Readying myself for the day at hand; readying myself to give birth in less-than-half-a-year.  Stretching my patience, my self-control, my capacity. We're growing, like trees.


10 minutes here, 5 minutes there, 30 every couple days when you can swing it.  
Love yoga.

Sun Salutations are are a great way to get going.... 

“Yoga Bear” by Marco Angeles

Reap the benefits.  

P.S. Two Awesome Online Subscriptions:  

  • Daily Burn ($10 per month, first month is free.  The yoga teacher is adorable and has a prenatal series going through the three trimesters!)
  • Yoga Today (a personal yoga studio filmed in Jackson Hole, WY.  Also a month free trial and $9 per month)
  • Want a live class?  Check your local studios for their prices and schedules.  Both Inner Harmony Yoga and Hot House in Missoula run a $30 special for your first month!  

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  1. Oooh! Thank you for the links. I really, really *need* to bring yoga back into my routine and it's been difficult to do it. I can't afford to go to class every day and I didn't do enough yoga before to have it all in muscle memory.



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