Sunday, November 10, 2013

R + R

On a gray evening last week, James and Josey dropped me off at the trailhead on their way to the grocery store.  I scurried onto the trail, feet crunching rusty leaves, eyes taking in periwinkle contrasted by dark, naked trees.  My belly feels bigger, waistband tight, as I bounce on the trail.  The scents and sensation of fall on the heels of winter set my mind free.

Running ramblings, Round & Round, Rest + Relaxation, Ritual + Routine, Rhyme + Reason, Rules worth Remembering...

These posts are channels for the (first-world) challenges we face.  (Yes, I just love alliteration)

Recent R + R pursuits are reality just a week in.  Finding morning rhythm with prenatal yoga practice, starting the day off feeling whole and connected to this baby in my belly.  Getting outside after school with my J's to inhale the seasons, exhale the day.  Taking time for bathroom therapy and kitchen therapy, pursuing a daily blogging routine that generates expression.

Isle of Wight Weather

The moon moves me.  I am a woman!  That evening, jogging on the trail earlier this week, the little sliver in the periwinkle sky reminded me this is the time to begin new endeavors.  New moons mean new beginnings.

I am a night-owl by nature.  A procrastinator who discovered the thrill burning the midnight oil in adolescence.  Now, I want the light of the morning to push me ahead, so I get up early.  Shutting the computer screen early, getting in bed with a good book, it takes a daily effort.

*Some R + R writing reminders for this month of daily blogging:
-Type during set hours when you can.
-Have screens off hours early enough to avoid narcolepsy (for me, earlier than 9pm)
-Plan ahead for busy nights.
-Trust yourself.
-Check stats less than daily to avoid OCD
-Try not to rely on praise or "stickers" to make you happy (this will always be a work in progress!)
-Go to bed.  My night-owl tendencies get me in trouble.  Trying to get my sleep schedule a little more balanced (while I have the luxury of one sleeping-through-the night baby) so I can have more morning energy for yoga!
-Yoga every morning.

My will and resolve are growing stronger.  It feels great to agree to these tangible goals-- do it!  Do something you love, but have a hard time to committing to, everyday, and see what happens!


*You're welcome here, for your R + R.  What are your thoughts?

*Speaking of the moon, a book recommendation: Eating in the Light of the Moon

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