Friday, November 8, 2013


A late morning, complete with eggs & bacon.
Sipping coffee, sippy cups.

The three of us, getting our preferred late start.

"Forget the phone & camera- just us," he says!

Off-trail, we find our way through forest & berries, 
Up cliffs to a favorite, magical lake.

Daddy Mountain Goat has skied here earlier this season, noting changes since the Spring. 

A relaxing lunch is accompanied by a refreshing dip.
Squeals abound!

We continue on, marveling at alpine wildflowers- vibrant, deep, plenty.

Evening light highlights icebergs above & below the cerulean waters.
We descend the scree, like we're on rollerskates or skis.

Hikers hoot & holler below for their friends who add to their bucket lists,
bravely taking the plunge into frigid Iceberg Lake.

Once secure on the main trail, we give our baby hiker a chance to explore.
She is confident & fast while we're emptying rocks from our boots.  

Proud parents, we laugh with the admiring hikers at our little girl's zest
When momentum gains,

Boom- she faceplants on jagged rock!
We are at her side, everything else is silence.  

I worry, "black eye, seizure, blood, concussion!"
He holds her tight, my heart clenches.  

Tears well in my eyes, they stream down her face. 

Long pauses, heaves, back arched, her eyes roll to the side for a second.

He cradles her naturally, with the strong arms of a Father.  

I am helpless, until I get a handkerchief wet, and nurse her scrapes with Neosporin.   

"Ouch!", we commiserate.    
She clings until she's calm.    

As her parents, so many unknowns await us.  
We'll hold hands when the trail widens, when we can.  

I fear more of this being caught off guard, heart clenching, feeling helpless to her pain.
Possible surprises, pain, and mistakes, 

Even on otherwise perfect days.


  1. Love this. Love the format... love the flow.

    1. thanks, pal! i'm glad you like it. this was one of the many pieces I've submitted to Mamalode- "perfect" theme.



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