Wednesday, November 27, 2013

sweets & the holidays

Feeling a little sluggish today, mostly from a sugar-overload.   I've spun to the end of my food-spiral, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.

It started Sunday, in the last hours of my family's absence.  Pumpkin pie at the FCS Drama Pie social, followed by piece of Bernice's cake at the Mamalode/Oula party, followed by a piece of quiche at the Break.  Saying no wasn't even an option by the time I got to the third slice.  Why is saying no so hard sometimes?

The next morning, there was a Costco-sized plastic container sitting in front of my classroom door.  A few 7th graders sat outside in the hall, drinking their coffee (white mochas).  "What's that??"  I asked, "Kisses for a prego lady!  Courtney dropped them by earlier."  A giant container filled with almond, caramel, and classic Hershey kisses.  How sweet.

Fast-forward two days, and a bigger dent than hoped was made in the container, a teacher was feeling uninspired and lazy.  Plus, a well-meaning staff member gave me an entire bag of orange Starbursts.  Huge bags of candy = recipe for a major sugar overload.  So, I gave it all away to my students on Tuesday (rationing treats is just not really an option for me- Halloween & Easter stashes never lasted long).  By the time we were eating pie for James' birthday celebration, I had convinced myself the sugar & flour in the crusts was no big deal.

Today, I feel differently.  I feel like I would've been a better teacher for those two days if I hadn't eaten 50 Hershey's kisses.  Coming home for the holidays always seems to dig a little at my eating issues. The cycle of snacking snacking snacking seems to never end around here, usually leaving me cranky and lazy.  This Thanksgiving week, I hope to utilize more self-control.

Strategies: drinking lots of water, making myself healthy snacks and trying just a little bit off someone else's plate of desserts.  Really trying not to eat gluten.  Recognizing that this is something I need for my mental well-being.  Asking loved ones to help me make good choices.

Do the holidays bring up weird foodities for you?

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