Saturday, November 16, 2013

the best pancakes!

Happy weekend!  We woke to big fat, fluffy flakes coming down & giddily commenced our usual weekend routine.  Breakfast!  Josey did a little dance when I told her we were making pancakes!

When I first started eating Gluten-Free, I figured that indulgences like pancakes would be lost on me, not really interested in messing with random flour combos.  However, our friends Sammi & Ty showed us this amazing pancake mix.  It's their favorite, and they aren't even Gluten-Free!  

I use coconut oil (melted before adding to the mix), also perfect for greasing the griddle.  Also added a little flaxseed, a great way to add your Omegas, and a little extra fiber.  We like to add frozen huckleberries or bananas, today it was strawberries on top!  

Pamela's comes in a huge bag at some grocery stores.  You can search local retailers here, or order on Amazon.

JJ's order of operations:
1. Strawberries
2. Pancakes (last bite)
3. Eggs

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