Saturday, November 23, 2013

tornado mama

Today, I woke up, alone.  Again.  It took me awhile to get going, just like it does when my Jamily is here on the weekends.

After I finally had a cup of coffee in me, a decent yoga session, and some oatmeal, I started on them.

All of the things, you know?

I cranked the Fela soundtrack, unpacked, shuffled, cleaned.  Started on all the things I told myself I'd do.  Went from room to garage to room to all over the place like a star with 30 3-D points.  Ack!  What would you call that?

So...the house looks like a disaster now, but I'm looking onto the last phase and taking a dinner break.

Phase #1 of tornado mama is: work it around.  Walk around the house over and over, bringing things to their new/rightful places.  Like a 14-point star, or a pinball movie.

Phase #2: Eventually, there are many "stations" started, and I am supposed to further organize them- clothes, correspondence, crafts.  After all the moving we did, I haven't done the tornado thing in awhile, guess I'm finding that this game is much more fun in a big house!  Much more room for all my pursuits/neglected "crafty" stuff, so they're not sitting in the basement.

Now, things are where they go, they're just not concealed or organized.  This is the stage where James is starting to get annoyed, and I feel out of time and need to just stuff it all away.  But tonight is different.

I am going to finish out Phase #3!!!  Because there is no one home.  Starting by tucking this computer away for the night into it's pretty green crate.

Do you know this feeling?  

Mother and Child Reunion:

P.S. Happy Birthday, Grandma Vicki!
I can't wait to see family!  So soon!

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