Friday, November 15, 2013

tree (grows, changes)

Stretching up into the sky, towering above,
assuming knowledge, confidence, usefulness,
these trees humbled us with their mystery.  

Trees reflect the seasons: the vibrant, crisp Fall, the green buds in Spring.  They reflect change, the elements. They grow, year after year.  Stronger, fuller, becoming a more important part of their environment, the ecosystem, the earth.

Stretching, rooting, reaching.

Balance, joy, with mother nature.

of trees
make a forest
to wander in
to seek solace.

Mr. Wonderful is our tree, our protector.  Tonight, Josephine told him "I love you".

How have these trees changed since we visited them?
How have we changed?

Just a few weeks after this trip, we found out we were pregnant with Josephine.
How are the weather and elements of life changing us?

The growth is visible, but there are roots strengthening, too.  

Tree is this week's Five Minute Friday, and today marks the half-way point through November. On the first, I wrote an intro (another FMF) to this month's yoga & blogging every damn day.  Half-way, and already seeing and experiencing growth!  

*These photos are from the Redwoods segment of our honeymoon adventure.*  


  1. Loved what you said about growth and strengthening roots. Beautiful post!

    1. Thank you! Reaching up and rooting down- it's a good combo. xo



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