Saturday, November 23, 2013

what will you do?

A friend shared this on twitter, and I have to share.  
A beautiful representation of the days of our lives.  Watch it, it's lovely:

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with one of my students about her Fine Arts plans post-college.  Excited to get out of here and follow her dreams, she asked me,

"What is your passion?"

I smiled and told her about Hootenanny's at Many Glacier, and how much I love making music there, and would love to make a documentary there in 2015.  Also, that I've always wanted to be a yoga teacher.

"That is like, so achievable!"  she exclaimed.

Telling a high school senior about some of my dreams (besides teaching) was refreshing, inspiring.  She is of the mind that anything is possible, if you put your energy in the right place.

I agree.

What will you do with your passion?

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