Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Choir Chatter: Heart for the Holidays

Planning concerts, preparing music, remembering the details of concert prep, it can be exhausting.  My last concert of the season, comin' right up!  The contentment of a performing or teaching musician during the Holidays is linked with their completion of the many obliged performances of the season.  So many years, I've felt like my own Christmas was an afterthought due to the excessive energy I spent MAKING the Holidays happen in our classroom, on our stage.  It's easy to see why there aren't a ton of choir teacher blogs, we are busy!

This year, it's been a bit different.  Students decorated my door and bulletin board in the hall, but the smell of pine boughs doesn't greet you when you open the door.  There aren't wreaths and twinkly lights and we didn't go caroling.  Still tired from last year's excessive Holiday engagements.

Caroling last year
Last year, we sang "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day", three days after Sandy Hook.  Less than an hour after a choir kid lit a fire in the bathroom, less than an hour after helping me set up risers.  I changed in the ensuing year, disappointed by so much more than him.  I've became more anxious, less naive.

This is my fourth Holiday concert in Florence.  We'll continue with the traditions of starting and ending together, each Middle School Choir teaming up with High School Choir, a silly faculty number, and of course, our traditional candlelit sendoff.

A couple students will be there early to help.  This concert-planning thing is becoming somewhat ingrained. The lists aren't as necessary, but I feel strangely calm and somewhat in control, or maybe just more able to cope.  Of course, there will be nerves!

\\Without a doubt, the unexpected will happen.  
Hopefully, the unexpectedly beautiful will happen, too.\\

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