Saturday, December 21, 2013

mtn mama: presence & mamalode magazine

Solstice greetings from the Snow Bunny, who is now twenty months!  Closer to 2 than 1!  Talking, walking, expressing more everyday- growing into a curious, gregarious little girl.  (Sorry if this post is slow, messing around with embedding from Instagram)

The other night, with 100 choir students corralled for pre-concert warmups, I held Josey while they belted out "Carol of the Bells" and "Betelehemu."  She clung to me in the middle of the circle as I twirled us in the center, smiling at my students who were loving her presence as their audience.

Her blue, enamored eyes locked with mine, stimulated by the voices.

"We're at the concert!"  I said.

"Wow!" she clasped her hands to her mouth, "the concert!"

Everything Josey does or says is amazing to me in the moment.  She is constantly growing, changing, shifting into a little girl.  Figuring out who "I" am versus who "you" are, what's "mine" and "yours", Christmas trees and presents, and "Wow" and "I Funny!"

The present in my belly is half-baked.  We can feel it kicking and moving.  The heavier Josey grows in my arms, the more I want a tiny one wrapped close to me.  Soon enough!  For now, this babe is still sitting pretty low, kicks feeling hollow, a lot of growing to do in it's cocoon.  More often, I imagine a Mister, but we'll find out for sure this Spring!

Our midwife visited this week, and her assistant brought her 3-month-old baby.  Josey was wide-eyed about the sleeping babe in the carseat and the quick thumps sounding from the machine on my belly.  What an exciting process, to witness a growing baby through the eyes of it's big sister.


Time is flying, and I don't want to miss a thing.  I wish I could record every new exclamation & discovery, which why a GoPro is at the top of my list.  Please see the rest on Mamalode if you haven't yet.  Thank you!
What's on your list this year?

Mamalode Magazine Club

I'm Team Mamalode Member, and Mamalode is my favorite online source for Mama-inspiration.  Still, there is nothing like holding a good magazine in your hand, which is the best part of Mamalode to me.  Reading this publication has made me feel more connected as a new mom, when most of my close friends aren't having babies yet.  So, I'm starting a magazine club for the new moms I know, sharing with those of you I know who are starting this journey of parenthood.

What is a Mamalode?  It's a versatile collection of perspectives from many walks of life, giving great perspective.  Tons of great themes, like this month's "Present."  Awesome, especially because it all started right here in Missoula, MT, and is going National!  "For the Whole Mother."

Want to know more?

Let's start with Issue No. 1: First Thing's First.  Great articles & perspectives for new and pregnant mamas.  Local goodness.  

Sign up below in this private google form (when you submit, only I can see your info).  It's a pretty low-commitment club, I will be thinking of some discussion questions, you can too.  We'll have a live meeting at my house for those us who live around here!  Mamalode is meant to be shared.  

{If you would like to buy the whole set of 17 (screamin' deal- trust me, it's worth it), go HERE.  
It can be your New Year's Gift to yourself}

Otherwise, we'll get you the original issue. Thanks for your interest and for filling this out!

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