Tuesday, December 3, 2013

mtn mama: To JJ, inbetween holidays

We've been talking with friends about memories and our first memories are all from 2-4 years old.  Sometimes it makes me sad to think that Josey won't remember any of this, but she's forming...impressions.  I want to write more for her.

"Wow!" Texas was a great experience for you.
My girl,

You had a lovely Thanksgiving with family after returning from a great trip to Texas with Daddy. When I held you in the airport after your late arrival, a couple ladies smiled, "she was really such a good girl."

You are.  You have met so much family in the past two weeks, and have learned so many new names.  You love your Grandparents so much and really love Mommy-Daddy, Daddy-Mommy, Mommy-Daddy!  You look and act more grownup, in your face, your strut, the way you're a ham.

Today, when I opened the door to Miss Vickie's, I could hear you giggling.  You had seen our car out the window, and were squealing, hands to your mouth (newest adorable mannerism).

"She has so many new words!" Papa John said.

It's true.  In the teacher's lounge today, I told everyone about your "Mocansins!"

All the teachers agreed that babies' vocabulary grows too fast.  Quirks change.  You never say "wawee" anymore, and you're starting to say yogurt instead of "gogee".  I have not encouraged any of this maturity because I want you to stay a baby forever.

No, that's not true.  Tonight, you were cuddlier and huggier to me than ever.  So sweet.  

About you, inbetween holidays:

Obsessed with chapstick & Kermit.
Love to dance and sing!
Always talking.  Lots of important/nondecipherable conversation, but also a crazy-evolving vocab. Lately:
-"Budder!" -PBJ
-"Gonna getchou!  I gotchou!"
-"Der it is!  Found it!"
-"Money Money Money!"
-"Ah!" "Wow!" and to repeat pretty much anything said in that excited tone.
-All animals and their sounds.  Loving "Gibbit!" and your version of "Cockadoodledoo"!

Bedtime books: Haiku Baby, Sleepy Squirrel, Dino's Binkit.  Also obsessed with your new "Down By the Bay" singing book.

Red peppers and pepper soup seem to be a new favorite food.  Also- kiwi!  You actually took a bite of kale the other day, after giving into green food!

Today, you peed in the potty for the first time.  You had a painful diaper rash, so you just had a skirt on.  You looked worried and whimpered "Mommy podee pee" and I whisked you to your frog toilet. I don't think you were even happy when you did it, it was so new.  Lots of hugs and high-fives!

Probably the most amazing thing about you maturing is that you actually want to go to bed at night.  I never imagined this, you saying "ni-night" and walking to bed.  Bidding your animals "good night.  see you later animals."  Giving me the sweetest kisses!  Maybe a little chatter after we close the door, but not much resistance these days.

I wish I could bottle up this time with you.  Noticing it, writing it, documenting it, will have to do.

This love keeps growing, baby girl.  Just like you.

Your Mama


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