Monday, December 2, 2013


Happy December and congrats to Kayla for winning the MT coffee mug! A great excuse for me to see this happy yogi & catch up.  Thanks to everyone who commented and checked out Pots by Amy!  These beauties are as functional in real life as they are lovely in photos.

Amy and I are reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking for our teacher's book club at work.  I'm intrigued by the concept so far, only a few pages in.  (More about the book here)

I've noticed myself slipping into more of an introvert personality in real life- writing makes one more introspective.  While the second part of the book title usually describes me, I'm a little quieter in social situations lately.  Josey is exuberant!  It takes it outta ya, listening to her vocabulary advance in fast-forward.

Over the holiday, I asked a couple of my relatives, "Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?" 

Although we may seem like a family of loud-mouths, many of us consider ourselves both.  Yes, groups can be fun, but sometimes people are annoying and we just want to be alone.  Some say that being one way is...better, safer, more fun.  It seems we'll be happiest with balance between interaction and reflection.

How about you?  Introvert?  Extrovert?  Somewhere in between?  Has it changed with age?  Do you just hate labeling yourself?

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