Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Steady On, Sister.

It's been challenging this year. An especially lovely year, too.  Half-way through my third year teaching 6-12 Choir and sometimes I'm not sure if I'm in the "right" place.  I love my students.  I love music.  I have always wanted to be a choir teacher.  Still, I often feel unappreciated in my job, and it's hard to fight the apathy of students, other teachers, administrators.  I have my issues with the generation growing up in our culture right now.  They are sometimes self-absorbed, lazy, and the entitlement.  Oh, the entitlement!  When I get caught up reading some of my favorite blogs, I find myself wishing I lived in NYC or enjoying powder in a ski town with James and our budding family, starting up a creative business.  Then I remember- I'm HERE.

I recently attended a clothing swap at my fabulous friend Amy's.  She is an all-around rock-star, I'm lucky to teach at the same school and ride carpool with her.  There was, as always, a fantastic group of ladies at her house and some really nice finds- a dress from Anthropology, a Patagonia shell, some cozy loved sweaters, to name a few of the treasures I took home.  Our current financial situation matched with my love for fashion makes clothing swaps my favorite social event.  Love it.

Some favorite finds at the clothing swap came from the publisher of Mamalode, Elke Govertsen, who is a fantastic writer.  I've been reading much of her work online since, and have become inspired to be a better writer.

I found inspiration in Beyonce singing at the inauguration (I don't care if she had to lip sync, her recording & performance was phenomenal.)

Finding inspiration as I think of my parents' hard, hard work to give my brother Nick and I what we needed to succeed, to become leaders in this world.  So, I go back to the quote I framed for Nick many Christmases ago.

(I will also blog once a week.  If you're reading this, go get 'em today!  Listen to some Gillian Welch & Andrew Bird, and steady on.)


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