Friday, March 29, 2013

five-minute friday: (un)Broken

I have been stopping by FMF for awhile now. It's one thing I have gotten in the habit of on this blog. I like having a weekly prompt & the guarantee that at least one person will read it.  Classic Emily, I have yet to follow the rules.
                                      Just 5 minutes? No editing? Are you freaking kidding me?  

Sometimes I love the prompts (What Mom Did, Beloved), sometimes it's a struggle to get into the prompt when I really want to write about something else.  Still, I like the challenge.  This week's prompt is "Broken", surely because it's Good Friday, but I won't be writing about religion today.

Looking forward to quality time with loved ones, Spring weather this weekend and a family Easter celebration the River!  Love and happiness to you this weekend!

Thanks to Aunt Jennie (who is in CHINA) for this lovely photo!


Broken or unbalanced?
Stretch, go for a run, vegetables and sun

Broken or needing a new friend?  
Say hello

Broken or unprioritized?
Take time in life cause you've got a long way to go

Broken or in need of knowledge?  
Teach, be patient

Broken or discouraged?  
Smile, hug

(un)Broken, Brilliant creation
Notice, appreciate, go live now

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Same Love

Love, love, love.  All you need is love.

Supreme Court is considering gay marriage!  I have my rainbow earrings on today, touched that everyone is changing their Facebook avatars in support of equal rights.  When Josephine is my age, she will be appalled that gay & straight couples didn't have the same opportunities.

A touching tribute, featuring Macklemore's song Same Love.  

Also, listen to How Ellen Helped...

PS- Beyonce's love note.

& Proud to be a Montanan today:
Via The Montana Mint

Sunday, March 24, 2013

ritual & routine: Sunday

Who LOVES Mondays?  Anyone?  Office Space comes to mind whenever anyone brings up Mondays.  "Um, yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on Saturday."  (I did so I'm really not dying to go in tomorrow) So many great lines, gonna have to see that again ASAP.  Anywho...

I find myself loathing Mondays even more since becoming a mom.  Like when you're in long-distance relationship, the sting's a bit stronger.  That first day away from Josey is annoying and I miss her.  Usually we get in a swing after that, meeting up afterschool, running home or playing outside, eating dinner together, reading, and putting her to bed.

I think it's pretty typical to be exhausted at the end of the day, right?  I feel like my only time to get ahead/caught up is on the weekends.  Try to make at least one meal that will freeze & have leftovers, invent a new powerbar, whip up a tray of babyfood.  The mountain of laundry, too... (cloth diapers post is in the works.)  This week I also cleaned out our drains with the baking soda and apple cidar vinegar.  I love the crisp smell and knowing that I'm getting rid of unseen gunk!
Lesson planning is always on dock for Sundays, too, and this song is going to be perfect for this week!  

Take Time in Life
I was passing by, my brother called to me, and he said to me better take time in life.  
Take time in life, better take time in life, 
Take time in life, cause you got far away to go.

I was passing by, my sister called to me, and she said to me better take time in life.  
Take time in life, better take time in life, 
Take time in life, cause you got far away to go.

I love this song and look forward to layering in the harmonies, dancing and drumming to it with my students, hopefully have some meaningful discussions, too.  

Time is this week's focus- adhering to my schedules.  Target schedule: sleep 10:30-6, school 7:15-4, Josey + outside + dinner 5-7, a little work, social media, and Jamily music time.  James and I are both night owls and we love to burn the midnight oil.  Let's see if we can get to bed a little earlier this week!

Tricks to make this week more productive at work:
1.  Start with the task you don't want to do.
2.  Make to-do lists in groups of three.
3.  Eat healthy and excercise, get lots of zzz's!  

....Better finish up my apricot dark chocolate spin on these power bars and hit the hay!  This Monday is extra special because we're barbecuing with Autumn Stirs the Pot and our visiting East-Coast darlins!

Wishing you a productive week, I hope we can all take time on the things we want to.

"The thing is, you think you have time." - Buddha 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

musicality: sisters

James and I were lounging around this morning while Josey napped, and he shared this lovely performance by First Aid Kit.  Paul Simon is visibly touched by their tribute, which was especially powerful since these Swedish sisters are making it big in America.  I first enjoyed these two via NPR's first listen a few years ago, and continue to love their Euro attitude, luscious harmonies, and emotional, wide-eyed singing.  First Aid Kit's song Emmylou is one of Jamily's favorites to play and sing.  Check out this video Blue.  Nice vintage feel, and a nice nod to Joni Mitchell.

There is something so unique about sisters singing together- almost tangible, you can hear and feel it.  I have a couple pairs of sisters in choir who I'd like to persuade into collaboration for our Spring Middle School/High School talent show...  My students are into these a cappella sisters, Cimorelli, and this song, Some Nights by Fun.  (sidenote- GIRLS' Lena Dunham is dating Fun's guitarist, Jack Antonoff).  I like their neon "Don't Text and Drive" shirts!  How lucky they are to be able to sing together whenever they want!

Now I'm going to tune in to two other favorite sisters, Tegan and Sara.  These Canadian songbird twins have been around forever, and I can't stop playing their new 80's poppy-feel album Hearthrob.  You can stream it via Soundcloud/Rolling Stone here or just tune in using Spotify like I do several times a week.  I'll sing along, channeling my inner-Cindy Lauper, while prepping for Spring!

Friday, March 22, 2013

five-minute friday: remember

You must remember this
             (gentle reminders for my happiness)

Stretch in the morning

Drink cool lemon water

You are what you eat

Enjoy nature daily

Laughter is the best medicine

Make time for your passion and your loved ones

Everything in moderation

Love grows

Breathe :)

PS- free yourself from your smartphone regularly!

Also, how to help in hard times, (good things to remember 
when someone in your life hits a rough patch) & 22 Things Happy People Do Differently

(for five-minute friday- it's so nice to have a weekly prompt, and a way to link up with other folks who are writing!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

thursday thoughts: be all there.

Working on it!  Today and everyday.  

**If you are checking the blog, please "follow" through google.  I won't be posting all entries on facebook because I think that's just TMI.  Blogger is an easy way to follow your favorite online writers and sites-- a personalized, streamlined newsfeed.  My favorite blogs are linked on the right.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

motherhood: eleven

Since becoming a mother, I find more guilt in my life. Trying to balance a thousand goals and most importantly, be a good mom.  I haven't updated her baby book in months, and I never took those cute month-by-month pictures with the stickers!

I am present with my baby everyday, though.  Time with her is my time to relax, to take time in life.  Listening to her sing, making her laugh.  She can make the world's worst day melt away.

11 has been my number since I was...eleven, so this seems like a big milestone to me!  She is 11 months old!  That is so close to a year old!  A year ago, I was constantly fretting about whether or not she'd be born before District Festival.  Now, we're preparing for that event again, and thinking about a Birthday Celebration.  Yay!

Since her birth, we've made a constant effort to get out of the house, on the trails, and around people.   She is such an easy-going, curious gal, happy as long as she's busy!
#1 advice for new parents- just go!

I won't state the obvious and say that Josephine is the best thing ever.  I will say that I'm beyond excited about her future and her present.  Happy Eleven-Months to the happiest baby on the block.

**Thanks to all of you who checked in this week and humored my pitch to the facebook world.  Millions of ideas... hoping this blog will help me lay them out a little better.  We'll see where that goes.  Namaste!**

Saturday, March 16, 2013

recipes: st. paddy's day

Top O' the Morning to Ye'!  Check out google for some adorable irish dancers!  Gotta love google doodles.

My mom reminded me of St. Patrick's day Saturday morning.  It's funny how you can get really focused on a Holiday one year and then it just hits you in the face the next year!  Anyway, with pinterest and another favorite blog, I've been a bit inspired for the holiday myself... and decided to show off my skills as world's worst food photographer.  Don't feel like attempting a photo of this mint ice cream.

Leprechaun Lentil Soup (recipe from

I had been wanting to make my friend Amy's recipe for Simple Lentil & Black Bean Soup since she posted it and I threw it together this evening.  We were out of black beans, so I used pinto.  Easy and delicious!  It's always nice to have soup made for the week.

On deck for tomorrow, GREEN gluten-free pancakes!  I've been craving pancakes a lot since I've been gluten-aware... and finally bought some gf mix today.  Inspired by the festiveness of this St. Patty's Day Eve post on Little Baby Garvin, who is always posting fun, cute ways to celebrate holidays with her little babe.  We might have to substitute yogurt for the lucky charms ;)

St. Patty's pancakes from  

Second, James LOVES avocados and I want to get Josey back into them.  When we first started making her baby food, avocado was one of our favorites because you could throw it in the bag/purse and mash it up for her wherever.  Might have gotten a little over-used.  Inspired by these ridiculously beautiful Avocado Truffles, we'll go for a much simpler appetizer with avocado.  (PS- Josey plain doesn't like avocado anymore!)

Avocado Truffles at

Third, my mom ALWAYS makes Cornbeef and Cabbage for St. Patty's.  I have the ingredients including purple cabbage.  Doesn't this meal sound perfect?  Planning for Sunday family time tomorrow on a trail, probably Blue Mountain, and hopefully do our Sunday Skype with the 'rents (in green, of course!)

Hope to squeeze in a little lesson planning & music as well.  First day of Spring and a concert this Thursday!

A favorite Irish tune for ye' by the lovely Wailin' Jenny's:  (Programming this for Sping Tour, can't wait)

PS: The cornbeef and cabbage was awesome.  I followed Out of the Box Collective's roughly for the brine, just added the spice pack that came with the brisket.  Added carrots and potatoes, cooked on high, added garlic and onions about an hour later.  Made the cabbage exactly and it was amazing.  Added food-coloring to our IPA's and we were set.  

Now we have ridiculous amounts of leftovers and we won't have to buy food for awhile.  That's what the Irish are about- stocking up, right?  Josey loved the cabbage and potatoes, carrots, and onions.  She was cracking herself up putting pieces of potato on the spout of her sippy cup and then drinking from it!  

Yum!  I need some food photography tips. It's harder than it looks!  

 Here's the little firecracker herself:

Happy to have Dad home on a Sunday!

five-minute friday: rest


R & R.

Put 'yer feet up.

Zone out.

Let go.

(This post is for Five minute Friday- a day late.)

for the love of.... haircuts!

This one might take a little growing into...

I've been a fan of cutting my hair for quite some time.  James hasn't spent a penny on a haircut in many years, and he does a pro job with his!  I've been known to snip my own as well, one of the benefits of the sometimes-loathed curly hair is the fact that it will cover up terrible barber skills!  Sometimes I can talk the hubs into helping me, too.

First discovering the rush from a dramatic chop when I was about 8, I look forward to that feeling like nothing else.  Being expressive and possibly a bit dramatic, this sudden action helps me boost my self esteem, and feel spunky and rejuvenated!


It's better when you grow it out long enough for locks for love (10 inches really isn't that much hair!), which I've done a few times.  What a great way to share.

Me & my hairs for my first Mother's Day last year.  

Yesterday on my way in to do some work on a day off, I thought, I wanna chop it off!  I had to stop at the salon Cloud 9 in Florence for fundraising anyway, and they set me up with lovely Liz who did a fantastic job texturizing my hair.  This one is really short, James said its a little George Harrison/Bob Dylan, but he loves them too!  I feel a little bit like the coach on Glee!  It'll take a couple of days...

A friend posted this on facebook recently.  I love someecards!

Here's to a fun, fresh Spring!

barber shears
image via Etsy.  Apparently these vintage shears have already sold. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

thursday thoughts: two unknowns

There are so many things we'll never know:

Why does life come in some places and go in others? 

Hearing of difficulties with conception and terrible sudden deaths has got my wheels churning, and I can't stop.


Trying not to question too much, because I don't have to.
My family is here and every moment is one to cherish.

What will the future bring?

"Where will we be next year?" is the question that's been plaguing my brain for quite some time.  Now that it's Spring and things are gearing up in the job market for us teachers, it's stressful.  I do love my job and my students, but not knowing is unsettling to say the least.

All I know is, I don't know.  I won't know, for a while longer.
So, I'll do a better job than I did the day before.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

three things

Today my favorite blog asks "What are three things you're grateful for?"

There are oh, so many things!  I'll keep it to three:

I'm grateful for friends near and far, and I cherish my opportunities to visit with them.

Today, my friend and I bought tickets to visit our girl in Colorado!  Josey and I are flying for $180, which is a screamin' deal if you ask me.

I'm grateful to have the knowledge and resources to eat healthy, delicious food.  Last night, I made a delicious variation on this Indian Spice Kielbasa to celebrate James' successful first tennis practice.  Grinding the the spices in my new mortar and pestle was fragrant and relaxing.  

Finally, I'm beyond grateful for my happy, fun family.  The best thing about Josey lately is that she knows she's funny and loves to ham it up!  We have so much fun cracking each other up with gummy smiles.  Look at those two peaches.  Muah!

Picture from From http://myvintagebookcollectioninblogform.blogspot.coHeidi - illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

Friday, March 8, 2013

five-minute friday: home

in the mountains
drinking iced tea on my parents deck
relaxing at the river
in james' arms
anywhere with josephine
playing piano, there's a few that really feel like home.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

five-minute friday: ordinary

(This post is for 5-min Friday)

Writing songs isn't something I do.  It's something I can do.  I know it.  I've heard music on and off my entire life.

I'll lead the way, lead the way & I know.

There is something holding me back.  I heard the music and it's great, but I don't know how to get it out, besides play.  So I will play.

The fall from you is a long way down, I found a better way.  

Ordinary isn't something I ever really consider.  Honestly.  So I'm going to try to tie this into what I want to write about.

Montana Restaurant - Finn Porter, Missoula, Clark Fork River 1
Finn and Porter and green Jumbo!  Let's go, Spring!
Music playing needs to become an ordinary part of my life at home.  I don't play my keyboard much, maybe once or twice a week.  One of those times is usually with Josey.  Looking to increase that time this week.  At least 10 minutes daily.  Jamez is holding me to it.  

I'm excited to get to Helena and play my piana. Getting ready to play here in a week!


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