Monday, May 27, 2013

mtn mama: take time in life

Hello Everybody!

I hope ya'll had a Merry Memorial Day weekend!
I just love alliteration (haven't you noticed?)

Josephine James and I had a nice one.  She loves drawing & any writing tools- it is so cute!

Nice to have a tiny breather- some fresh air, feng-shui, a little kitchen experimentation, exercise, flowers, chatting, drawing, organizing and lots of little hugs.  Cycled through another batch of Josey-clothes: 18 months.  Why is it that a onesie can make my heart clench and I can't get rid of it? The best little memories.  Completely unreal how much I love this chica who is getting so big!

I'm excited to know that you're visiting!  Lots of encouragement lately- so thanks.  Loving this little platform to document, process, create, and folks to share with.  Space and folks = groovy.  Categories set that I love to write about.  Fabulous works and ideas in the gate, but they'll just have to wait.  Summertime will be full of stories and inspiration and time to document and share.  Until then, have to trust:

Live now, process here later.  

Love grows 
I miss you.

'cause you've got far away to go
(I'll be back on my birthday, which is in two short weeks!  
Until then, feel free to catch up on anything you might have missed.)

PS.  I'm back.  Taking the time to write here what I shared on instagram yesterday, because I think it's important, and should be here too.  

"Thanks @yogagirl for the prompt: #GratitudeMonday.  For my sweet, dramatic, gabtastic, curious lady baby: I'm grateful for her spunk, even when she challenges me which seems to be often!  Thankful for all the little gems she's teaching me and reminding me of.  The courage, too.  I can do anything if I can be a mom! 

....Grateful also for those who have lost their lives too soon and for the lessons & spirit they leave with us always.  #GratefulEveryDamnDay"

Back to the books.  Scram!  

Friday, May 24, 2013

five-minute friday: song

Can you smell those blooms?  Ah, love lilac season.

Love the fact that it's a 3-day weekend, too.  Happy Memorial Day, think everyone can use a vacation right now!  I will be thinking of my family in Juneau, Alaska who are gathering for my cousin's graduation!  I can sense that my family's together without me- and my heart misses them.  Thank God for Skype!

Took a couple weeks off from Five-minute Friday, and finally catching up...
 {more to come on Brave and of these days}

Song!  Next up in the POW, so THANKS, Gypsy Mama!

(This post definitely took way longer than 5 min.
Figured out how to post the music-  Parts 1, 2 & 3-
once I figured out how to export an mp3 from audacity.
Go, techy!)

Here it is: Eet by Regina Spektor from Mother's Day Eve at Finn & Porter.  It took me awhile to decide to post this... but no regrets.  It's not perfect and neither am I.  I don't know about you, but I like the background noise, gives a sense of the ambiance.

(This file doesn't work if you're viewing on a phone.  For me, that's another project for another, please check back on your 'top!)

If you're not familiar with Regina, check her out!  Love this interview.  Her music is so fun to do- hopping octaves and fun, repetitive piano parts.  She's delightful and quirky and real and thought-provoking.  A prolific songwriter- I would love to spit them out like that- and I feel like many of her songs were written for me!  Hope to meet her someday, or at least go to a performance!  Been inspired by her for many years.  

{photo from}

{This recording is funny- I memory slip on my most favorite dramatic part both times it comes in.  Same idea, "you can't believe it, you were always singin' along".  This is how I feel lately, going back through old notebooks, re-realizing the same realizations again, ones I can't believe I forgot.  "You spent half of your life, tryin' to fall behind."  Be the you you are.}

Oh, here's my songlist from that night.  Jotted songs down I went.

I missed several (because I played for four hours!), but that's a general idea of the evening.

So what, I can't stick to a set list if it's written in advance- I'll just document as I go...

Also: a special song surfaced recently, hidden away in one of my many notebooks.  I wrote it for James during our first summer of love, but felt it was missing something then.  This week, we played it together, and I absolutely love it!  Amazing how some works just need to sit, and when they reappear again, you're ready.  What great motivation to keep creating.

I don't think this will be the last time I post a song here.  

Thanks for joining me.  Peace love music grows,

-Piano Emily

Thursday, May 23, 2013

five-minute friday: view

Go up. 
For a vista, a still moment, a plateau. 
Soon we'll splash and stroke. 

Behind, this year of amazing discovery and growth.

Of days flying by, half-baked routines and unfinished to-dos.

Surviving on less and less sleep, determination source unknown,
procrastination source clear.

Running on caffeine & fumes, giggles & cuddles- and writing.

Reflect now and later. 
Rearrange, clear out the clutter, file it away. 
Take notes for next time & smile! 

Ahead, my family runs

Growing stronger, happier, and fuller.

Laughing, confident and more andante,

I linger behind them and breathe in the view.

{This post is for FMF}

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

blue, boatman

Said goodbye to Mr. Wonderful this morning.  This week, my eyes have filled with tears for many reasons.  My heart clenches in pain for loved ones dealing with unfair loss and struggle.  Blue, the color of our planet from far, far away.  Today's rain shows my inside-out reflection.  Bright green drenched in gray.      

Yesterday, he moved furniture and boxes to our new storage unit.  Afternoon tennis with friends, happy times with baby, then out to Florence for my choir concert- a babysitter night!  I beamed at him from the stage while strumming "Ho Hey" with my 7th Graders.  Following the concert, my love expertly dismounted the sound equipment and described his favorite pieces, as he's done countless times before.

We enjoyed a brief celebration, with poetic toasts and too many nachos, tiredly talking about the students we work so hard for, Crosby Stills & Nash harmonizing time with my jester.  Locking eyes, chuckling.  I miss spur-of-the-moment dates, but our connection is more sacred these days.

Tonight, the bungalow is more spacious, in a random, discombobulated way.  Josey's missing her toy shelf in the hallway- Tupperware tote #36 is her new makeshift play station.  Our bed is in storage, waiting for us in August.  James'll sleep under our favorite mountains and wake to his familiar rhythm, getting the boathouse and the Morning Eagle and Chief Two Guns ready for another season.

Soon, there'll be mountain-man stories of bear and moose sightings, mamas with their little tiny Spring babies just introduced to the world.  I can picture all the details.  My soul has Many Glacier all over it, or Many Glacier my soul all over it.  Either way, he'll think of me.

Grateful for our special life in those mountains, as blue as I am now.  Grateful for having someone to be blue over, too.   The most human color.  So grateful.  

"Saying farewell now just means we're another step closer to an incredible summer."
For now, we'll dream.

{Stars over Glacier National Park}

Sunday, May 19, 2013

sunday sweets: 13

This little explorer is thirteen months today!  
Once we hit the year point, fast forward kicked into a new speed.

Soundtrack for this post = new Jamily song!
(originally by Iron & Wine)

Somehow, we are half-way through MAY, which happens to be National Bike Month?!?
Well, yay for biking!  

Josey got bike attachment for our stroller for her birthday, and James got us all set up!
Thanks Mimi and Papa!  

Looking at water, taking off helmets.

Crankster after a long ride and entertaining at a music teacher's meeting.  
yep, I'm a biker-mom.

Biking with Josey is fun.  It's a lot different than running with a stroller or biking on your own.  Less freedom, having to slow down.  Isn't that what parenthood's about, just a little bit?

Tennis baby
James wrapped up a stellar first Tennis Season as Head Coach, learning quick and working diligently.  He's a great role model and coach and they're lucky to have him.  We are so proud of him and we're excited to go to the HHS Tennis banquet on Monday!

A spin on James' last practice of the season.  
In other news, Josey's diet has been changing, she's not a fan of us feeding her pretty much anything by spoon.  More picky and more morsels on the floor.  When we go out to eat, I am seriously embarrassed of our mess- scrambling to clean up, apologizing profusely!  Somehow, we can become like those French kids and be neat and tidy (#inmydreams)

Favorite foods: garbanzo beans, tomatoes, ORANGES!

Speaking of, "Bringing Up Bebe" is a solid read.  I strongly recommend it for all new & active moms.  As a wanna-be French girl, I am savoring every page, and there's a 100% chance I'll re-read.

One of the many things the book is helping me with is communicating with Josey.  She's starting to... not tantrum...but, spout.  A full-on show, bottom lip out, heaving, if you take away something she's playing with, ie my favorite felt-tipped lavender pen (washable markers just in for our budding artist!)


According to Druckerman, the French assume inherent understanding of their babies and communicate with them like adults from the beginning.  Whether it's sleeping difficulties in those early, rough times, or using the command "attend" (wait) all the time, the French are talking to their children about what's happening.  This approach is working with Josey overall.  Calmly explaining like, "You need your diaper changed.  You have to wait," sometimes results in her listening and just staring at me.  As soon as I get even slightly mad, or utter the word "No," she is excited, and wants to stir it up more! The little diva understands much more than she can verbalize at this point, but her expressions are getting more refined (I need to record her jabbngabbn!  Quite hilarious.)

Like in any relationship, our communication is key.

Nervous to leave this girl for 6 days!  How do I warn her?

Not excited for this next month of family separation.  Twice a year, James goes up to the Park, I stay here and teach.  The topper- I'm leaving for a 6 day tour with my students soon!  I haven't been away from Josey for nearly this long!  I know she'll be in good hands with Daddy and Grammy & Grandad, but I think we'll miss each other too much.  While I'm dreading that part, I'm looking forward to introducing my students to some adventure and culture on the West Coast!  We'll all be enjoying summer soon!

Get on your bikes and ride!

PS: I like this "Sunday Sweets" idea.  Going to TRY to update y'all with family photos and some music twice monthly.... as a Sunday Sweet.  We'll see... not signing a contract or anything.  ;)

Love is the best sensation

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Friday, May 17, 2013

happy weekend!

Pattee Canyon back in January

What are you up to this weekend?  Messing with audio/video technology around here and... 

James comes back from State Tennis tonight, and I'm so looking forward to some cherished relaxation with these two before he leaves for Boat Co!  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

choir chatter: oranges, POW!

"I imagine you, sitting at your kitchen table, with an orange." -Elizabeth

Aww, Josey is growing up so fast!  You guys!

Here she is eating one of her favorite foods, even though she says APple!  Lots of laughs.

Into the bath and quite serious, inspecting bubbles, then standing up and messing around with the faucet, when she pulls up on the spout and the shower starts a little.  I have never seen those eyes so big and spooked!  Since her shower light bulb was already on and we both needed one, I thought we'd try...  It went pretty well, although she was still scared.  She's grown to be more and more of a snuggler.  Brief, but so full of love!  Our newest bed-time ritual is peek-a-boo, initiated by JJ.  She puts her hands on my eyes, then pulls back with the hugest, most excited grin, then I hide her eyes and we giggle more.

She glows.

In other news, I'm getting more techy!  Quite the love/hate relationship with technology this year with receiving a Valentine Grant for everything from computer to Promethean to Sibelius 7, plus other adjustments like a my new laptop with a different operating system (Windows 8).  So many teaching, musical & blogging ideas, and needing to catch up with the times so I can make them happen.  Continuation of blight of creativity to deal with, I suppose, but then I'm reminded: "act yourself into a new way of thinking", so I'm tackling it.

Starting with a POW!  (A Pile of Wow, idea found here

Determined to use technology to my advantage to make the most of my creativity.  Here's a start, reorganized apps, all great tools, ready to be used.  I have this terrible habit of bypassing all the amazing tools on my phone for social media!  Let's work on using this smart phone to get smarter, shall we?  Mantra: you are what you repeatedly do.

The thing is, I love social media.  The other thing is I love it way too much.  But, I'm actually pretty efficient if I just log in once a day.  Lurking... such a gross word, but that's how it gets sometimes.  So, 9-9:30, that's my social media time.  Otherwise, birds, flying far far away.

I: You are what you repeatedly do. :I

In three years, I've repeated less lessons than I can count on my fingers- materials out the wazoo.  I guess that means I'm creative and crazy, but we knew that, right?  Finally getting to the point where I'm ready to start sprinkling in things I've done before, actually create a plan in advance- for a whole year.  Binders, file cabinets, notebooks, notebooks, and more notebooks, computer programs, pictures, video and audio files, endless...  Going through it all is daunting, just gonna take it one step at a time.  Synthesize.  Lining up some POW projects to post here over the next months and see where that goes.

In related news, I uploaded my library to Google Music, which just came out, and is only 7.99 a month if you sign up now (going to give it this free trial, but I'm not sure about it working at Many Glacier without internet or burning cds).  I have used Spotify a bit, too, but it crashes, and iTunes just doesn't work well with Windows 8...  looking for something new.  Any tips on music management?  It's bringin' me down right now!

{Oh, and gave my blog a mini-makeover for Spring.  What do you think?  Excited to design a banner and signature by hand... such a fun creative outlet here!}

Next up in the POW:
-Learning how to upload and edit video and audio from my new recorder.  Hoping embed a song or two from last weekend...

Also in the works:
Planning a Tour Part 1 (we leave in two weeks!)
Sunday Sweetness: 13 (Josey + A Beautiful Mess app-talk about wonderfully addicting = love)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

musicality: joni mitchell

Do you listen to Joni Mitchell?  

What do you know about her?  I got into Joni through playing her song "A Case of You" as done by Diana Krall in High School.  (love Diana's smoky conviction & piano solos on this Live in Paris 2001 performance.)  

Over the years, I've come to love Joni and her music, especially during the 70's.  Her voice is so versatile and free.  Her playing is passionate.  Her comments, genuine, sometimes brash.  
Lyrics are wild and raw and make me want to sing.    

The thing I find most intriguing about Joni is she's said she's primarily an artist.  A painter.  
Music, it was more of a side thing.  
Oh, Canada.  

"He Played Real Good for Free" is my favorite.  Notice how she involves her body and in the music, so much resonance in her voice, active listening, feeling the music.  It's time to play.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Eve at the Piano.

Since I follow Mamalode, I was excited for “Mother’s Day Eve.” A holiday for moms to celebrate- without their kids!  I was booked at Finn and Porter, a favorite gig I’ve done many times, but only once since becoming a mom last year.  An evening playing a bar & restaurant by the river was the perfect way for me to celebrate myself and my motherhood!    

Preparing for the event was half the fun.  I simultaneously took a break from the net last week, which made it easy to focus on my love, the piano (once Josey was asleep).  The event was purposefully labeled “Emily’s Favorites” on Facebook- I wanted to ensure I’d enjoy every moment of the night.  In truth, I have far too many favorites  (literally- mountains and mountains of music) to perform in one evening, but only playing songs that qualified as favs was quite empowering!

Groovin’ to Lake Street Dive’s “Clear a Space" to prepare, I resolved to enjoy my music and perform with confidence.  I’ve been doing this for ages,  I’m a pro.  


James, Josey and I went early to set up my amp and microphone, but we forgot to bring the mic cord.  Still, it was fun to show Josey the piano there and see her speed-crawl and chat it up with customers. We even took a family stroll on the river trail before going home. 

When I returned, gussied up, a few lovely friends were enjoying a bottle of white wine on the deck.  How nice to have some conversation, smiles, pressure relieved.  They left me with a glass after helping me soundcheck and heading out to celebrate their holiday on the town.  “Cheers!”

thanks to Amy for the pic!

Upon my arrival, I had asked Guy, who was working a long shift on the pizza oven, to keep an ear out for the balance.  He came over a couple songs in, said I could turn the vocals up a little more.  “So, are you from Babb?”  He had seen my t-shirt when we were setting up.  We chatted about Many Glacier, Charlies, Babb Fest.  I asked if he had any requests.  "Nope. Just get into it."  

Expert advice. I did get into it- sang my heart out, followed my piano grooves, voiced the melody all over the place and used expressive dynamics.  Missed a chord change here or there, but who cares?  The crowd enjoyed it, and most importantly, I loved every second.  

Later, I sipped on my first Diet Coke and Seagrams in between songs, and a jolly man exclaimed, “You’re great!  You remind me of Queen Elizabeth.”  Um, random.  “You play like Mozart and you look like Queen Elizabeth.”

I laugh, “Why, thank you!”

“So what is your birth date?  Just month and day.”  

“June 11th.”  I smile, thinking of Kelly at the Holiday Gas station.  Willy Wonka’s Gene Wilder or the explorer Jacques Cousteau.

He pauses just a moment.  “Jeannette Rankin!”  The first female Senator- from Montana, and a lifelong pacifist.  How did I never know that very important fact about my birthday? 

He continued, “I got so caught up with her.  I asked her to marry me!  She didn’t say no, she didn’t say yes, her little cheeks just got rosey!  We signed the constitution.  She was just incredible.  I was thirty and she was ninety, but I would’ve married her.”

Bob and I had a very interesting conversation, and I serenaded him with “Ashokan Farewell” before we “passed like ships in the night.”  He shared pictures from his travels and presented me with a Chinese amulet.  He had two, so one was mine, he said.  I’m going to wear it once I find a perfect gold chain, it will hold unique Jeannette Rankin inspiration.  I have a feeling that our meeting was special for him, too.  

Mother’s Day Eve wasn’t about connecting with other moms for me this year.  It was about coming back to my roots as me. The real me, who's been there all along.  Piano Emily.  The one who makes connections... connections to bridge space and time through my music.  It was a great night, ending for a lively post-Footloose Missoula Children's Theater crowd, who applauded and even cheered!  

Mother’s Day Eve for me

I’m glad to be back on the schedule at Finn and Porter this Fall.  This summer, I’ll be on the keys at Many Glacier whenever pianist Seth wants a break/adventure.  Can’t wait!  

Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mom Laura, and to my music mom, Cinda, who is Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and all the wonderful women who help me be the Piano Emily and mom I am today.  Love grows.  

PS: Have you seen this? Just a Girl- a great series of a five-year-old girl posing up as influential woman like Amelia Earhart and Helen Keller rather than the Disney Princess. Love her expressions, costuming, and the fact that this is making a big ripple in the media. See Jaime's original blog post here. Beautiful for Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

the Pledge

Soundtracks for this post (your choice):
A.  Rock to  “The Great TV Rebellion” by the Missoula Coyote Choir!    
B. Keep it classy with “Spanish Pipedream” by John Prine.    

This weekend my mother helped us out with Josey while James and I operated on High School schedules.  Lovely times.  She thought it interesting that I (randomly) chose the official Screen-Free Week to post put it down (the net).  In her Elementary Library, teaching Media Literacy among other things, she’s promoted what I remember as TV-Turn-Off Week for years, but I’ve never participated.  

In reality, last week was just a warmup. With an upcoming gig this weekend {Emily’s Favorites at Finn and Porter on Mother’s Day Eve- please do attend!}, a lengthy to-list for the fast-approaching West Coast Tour, and a need for improved focus and presence and...self-control, the timing is right for a week off.  

In Glacier, with nature, this spiral I’ve gotten myself into would unwind due to circumstance (aka no cellphone service or net) as it always does.  

Alas, I’m here with Josey for another 6 weeks with practice, travel arrangements, and spreadsheets, and potential to attend to.    

So-- I signed it! The Screen-Free Pledge!  Official, declared break from anything online that isn’t related to work.  Who care’s that it’s typically technically a week late?!  I often make things a big deal to make them happen so  blabbing about big change is usually my first step on the road of improvement.  
For me, the challenge means:
  • Deleting a few apps (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) from my smart-phone for the week, and keeping it charging while at home.  
  • Setting my Stay Focusd at school and at work with stricter controls (no Twitter, Blogger ;(, etc.)  
  • No youtube for my lessons (been trying to move away from anyway.  More on that later.)  
  • Asking husby to keep the diligence on Craigslist (we are apartment-hunting!)
  • Resolving to take pictures next weekend (I can't can live a day without taking a photo.)
  • Saving my favorite show, Nashville, for next weekend    ;(
  • No gluten.
Does the last bit surprise you?  When I eat carbs like bagels, bread, cookies, I become the Laziest Girl In Town.  Throughout my years of food issues and resolves, I can say without hesitation that carbs make me crabby and tired but for some annoyingly sad reason I’m drawn to them.  When I’m gluten-aware, I’m simply happier and more productive.
{Need gluten-free inspiration? Check my amazing friend Amy’s blog: Food.Fashion.Art}
I believe it’s vital to unplug, step outside, breathe deep, remove distraction- often
As a teacher and mother, I want to model responsible internet use, therefore being more present and aware in everyday life.

What about you? Do you think a week off is necessary/possible in your life?
(sign up to be an "organizer" to see their great materials)
“There’s one sure thing parents can do to help their kids learn, regardless of
financial means: Forbid them from watching television on school nights.”


choir chatter: director swag

{Vienna Opera House}
Sometimes, I yearn for the fashion of Vienna.  Pretty much every other sentence I uttered in my time there was, "look at her outfit!" or "I love those shoes!"  I'll hear those exclamations from my students in Seattle later this month!

Back in Montana.... at least some of us are trying?!  This weekend was State Music Festival and I am quite proud of my students.  Over the weekend, I observed the style of adjudicators, accompanists, and directors alike.  Saw the whole gamut from lovely & chic to yikes, did you know this was a formal event?  

I'll admit, I'm especially sensitive now.  On the Friday of District (Josephine's Birthday), I wore my gap khakis, a nice blouse, and clicky flats with a cute print.  Church style, nice, pretty.  After our performance, our form had a note for ME about my attire!  I was mortified, having had drilled my students about not forgetting their black dress shoes and robes, and think of myself as a classy gal!  "When we ask our students to dress professionally, we too should be in concert attire."
Won't EVER miss that one again!

I turned it around by rocking a new black blazer this weekend- found at Goodwill for $11.99, yo!  That cute little number (rather than the cardigan I chose for District) gave me an estimated 10-15% more confidence.  "Blazers immediately add shape and give authority."  {Rashida Jones on the Power of the Blazer}  On the hunt for more this Spring!

{H & M: I desperately miss one on every corner, A Seattle must.}

I decided in college to never perform without a little sparkle while enjoying a performance of one of my favorite pianists, New Yorker Lydia Brown.  She often wore knee-high leather stilettos, red lipstick and simple gems.  Musical wisdom just pours out of Lydia, and it was magical to listen to her play and see glints of sparkle from the audience.  I live and sleep in these gem studs and still get compliments on them all the time.  Conveniently, Missoula's boutique One Eleven is having a little 25% off sale this weekend...

Gain another quick 10-15% increase confidence with a click in your step. My recent favorite Goodwill shoe find is a pair of shiny, heeled booties which I love to pair with tights and a dress.  I love the business and the glare of these shiny penny loafer heels.

{add a pencil skirt and we're in business}

Another must-add for confidence is checking out your backside BEFORE your performance.  90% of your time in performance is with your behind front and center, and underwear lines or wrinkles are not a good distraction for the audience.  If you're not a thong person, treat yourself to a slip- I love mine!  Slips are completely essential throughout my week for keeping my skirts from awkwardly clinging to tights.  The silky feel is calming, too.
{comfy confidence}

Love this outfit (tried Polyvore for the first time- fun!).  Some items are a bit expensive for thrifty, clearance-only me, but I'll keep a lookout for my dream finds!

choir teacher wear
choir teacher style
When I look and feel good, I become a beacon of confidence for my students.   
Individuality  + professionalism = teacher swag!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

the blight of creativity

The lightbulb, it comes on for me.  A lot.  Need a great idea?  I've got 10.  This is why I'm typing instead of snuggling.  

The beginning, that's my thing.  First impressions, making friends... no problem.  As a choir teacher, I'm learning to better rehearse the ends of the pieces, and plan for strong endings (and beginnings) to concerts.  Endings, they take foresight, preparation and patience.  But ah, the smell of strong completion (or is that summer?)

When I go home to the river, my Grandpa and my Dad want me to fish.  I usually say, "Maybe later".  My impatience usually gets the best of me on that rock.

Will I love to fish again?  Yes, siree.  When the time is right, I'll be wandering a creek with my rod.

A boy from Romania once asked me about my childhood during a conversation at Many Glacier.  I didn't have an immediate answer. so he quipped, "you've always had a lot of planned activities, haven't you?"  He hung out with friends, read, or listened to music after school.  I had a weekly schedule of dance classes, art classes, piano lessons, sports, practicing, homework, and church.  But, how did he know that about me?

His question still sits with me.  How did my busy upbringing affect me?  How is a busy upbringing affecting my tired students?   

Today I collected neon entry forms for what would've been our first 6-12 Talent Show.  Without enough entries, the show could not go on.  I (and many others) like the idea, so I think it will be day.

To be creative AND effective, sometimes you have to take a break from the creating.  Review ideas, organize, synthesize, act.  Hone in on basics.  Say no.  Bring it full circle where you can.

Time's a tickin.  I'll stop ignoring those ZZZ's now, bon soir.

Oh & can you believe it's May?  Change your calendar- it's gonna fly!


*Forgot to mention: at least three people have told me not to "burn out" in separate conversations.  That's another one that sticks.  Make it work.


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