Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Choir Chatter: Singing Valentines

Singing Valentines was a favorite fundraiser in last year's frenzy to raise money for our tour.  Why? Because the kids were actually singing to raise money, and it was really fun! It's a nice reprieve Festival repertoire, which we love, but can be intense at times!

Gaining awareness/exposure for our choir program by performing as opposed to selling cookie dough or some other fattening, overpriced treat will always be my choice when fundraising.

We are just getting started on this year's "Carltines", and here's a rundown for any other teachers who might like to try this at their school!

  1. Get approval for fundraiser from admin.  Notify other faculty of plan.  We will be delivering the Valentines during each choir's period only.  
  2. Brainstorm songs with each class.  Give them time to work on short, simple snippets to perform.
  3. Start advertising and selling!  Students are responsible for sales and for preparing any special requests they sell. (Timeline: posters up next week, ordering open Feb. 3-7 due Monday Feb. 10, deliver Feb. 13 & 14)
  4. Practice, practice, practice!  This is a great activity to set up while running sectionals on District rep.  The more confident and polished their performances are, the better!
  5. Make a spreadsheet for sold Valentines and a plan for each class period, so that preparation and deliveries can be efficient.  

Below is last year's ad.  This year, we are simplifying things a little bit.  All Valentines will include a paper heart + cookie (we have an amazing baker-mama!).  Songs from our list will be $5, and special requests will be $10.  

On the back, the order form has these columns: 
To / From / Anonymous? / Message /  Song / 2A Class (or whatever period the class is delivering)

(To explain some of the slogans used, we were playing Loyola Sacred Heart that weekend, so "break some hearts" was all around the school.  Our school is Florence Carlton, hence the "Flo-Carltines".  Just silly stuff.)

What is your favorite fundraiser?  Any tips to share?  

Also, I'm over on ChoralNet today, asking my colleagues their advice on mentoring my first student teacher.  I would love you to visit & offer your feedback there or, hop over to twitter and use #choirchatter.  Thanks!

{top Image: Lips by Andy Warhol}

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