Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Connect with Confidence

There is something about a new year, a fresh start, that just fills me with joy.  I've always resonated with/placed importance on first days, new days.  This new year, after my first year of blogging, feels good.  Time to refocus my writing and what it means to me, how I'll do it better.  

A year of motherhood, blinking as my girl grew into a toddler, has inspired me in so many ways.  Now girl tells us what she wants, and in the evenings lately, it's to be held.  "MY Mommy!"  "I ont up!"  

Tonight, James was interviewing Boat Co. applicants, she sat in the sling while I cut veggies for an awesome (if I do say so myself) curry experimentation with one hand.  I'll leave you tonight with our green curry paste recipe...  Over and over JJ says, "I ont cereal," changing her tone, expression, volume as I laugh at her. I want to write a book about this kid!  Make a movie!  She inspires me every single day.

Last year was all about R's .  Something about ritual and routine struck a chord with imaginative, flexible me, wanting to create some sort of order in my busy, idea-filled, new-mothering life.  It became a bit of an obsession, R + R = healing.  Today, it's: 

read * reflect * rise  * revitalize * rhythm * resting  * ritual 

Green salad: Repeat!

So much to repeat.  Do it again! Life is full of so much beauty and cycle, how do we live more fully?  How to love adventure but find beauty in the day to day we've been given?

More creating.  

More appreciating what we can do in one moment.  

Less looking back, questioning who's thinking what, 

More question-asking, more conversation. 

Follow intuition for when to start & stop.

I wrote so much last year and really put myself out here online. I'd be lying to say that starting a blog hasn't made me more self-conscious.  To not compare myself in a world of "followers", "commenters", blog stats, "likes", is definitely a goal.  From here on out, my aim is to engage better on a personal level: to communicate more clearly with my dearlies, in all facets of life.  

One of the first blogs I followed, Little Baby Garvin, presented a link-up for the New Year.  If you're visiting from there, welcome!  Harper is a couple months older than Josey- their new siblings are due the same day... so naturally I love seeing Jessica's chalkboards & lists, plus her super-festive spirit reminds me which Holidays are coming!  Before 2013 closed she asked, "what one word would you stick with for 2014"?


and a mantra: 

Connect with Confidence.

Snowy mantra
I am a thinker, a dreamer, an idealist.  An extrovert, most of the time.  I love to communicate, and I find happiness in engaging with others.  Personality tests tell me all this, and so does my heart. In 2014, I'm focused on connecting my vision to my actions, using my strengths and not apologizing for them. Completion, too.

Channeling/working with:
*The present.
*Feature project here on this site!  It's going to be awesome- stay tuned for our first guest in February!
*Choral Net, ACDA, #ChoirChatter
*Glacier Park Foundation and Hoot for Music at Many Glacier.
*Mamalode, Rookie, and other online publications.  
*Phone conversations and walking around our hills.
*Snail mail.
*Making lists, checking them twice.
*My big, beautiful intuition! 
*Mr. Wonderful & Josephine James.


Sharing with this big beautiful world, believing in what I'm doing here, that's what I'm doing these days.  Motherhood + blogging brought out a weird side of me at first.  A second-teenagerhood, wrought with self-doubting & feelings of inadequacy.  While most of my close friends don't have children yet, I had a hard time figuring out how I'm supposed to fit into all of those relationships all while falling in love, over and over again, with my child.  But, my heart is opening more, as I'm sure happens to infinity throughout parenthood.

there is a baby in there.
Josey bean has been full of conversation these days.  So much to talk about.  Lots of repetition, in various expressions and tones.  She will love acting.  And her exuberance at drawing!  Exuberant.  That's her.  Then I think about this child growing inside of me, and I wonder, who will he/she be?  What will adding a new person to this Jamily bring?  I think the answer is just more love.


Kermit is a favorite around here, and we just love these "African ABC's":

We love music!
James got me a new melodica for Christmas this year!  What a sweet guy.  It has an awesome case and great tone.  We've been jamming out to some Vampire Weekend (totally obsessed), and just saw the sketches for our new album cover, and are going to play with our friend this weekend.  I've missed making music for myself, the way I feel performing and recording is like nothing else.  Looking foward to connecting with music more in 2014.

Looking forward to getting my Jamily on more this year.  Making making music a priority.  How's that for a sentence?  Making confidence, trust, connection - priorities.  I am excited to see where that grows!

<3 <3 <3 <3

Jamily's Green Curry Paste Recipe


Every other year, we head to the base of Flathead Lake to meet up with James' brothers, their families, and of course Grandad and Grammy.  During our relaxing visit, we enjoy taking turns cooking dinners for the group.  Great tradition!  This year, James wanted us to make curry for everyone, as it is a regular on our home meal circuit.

Cooking for us usually involvesperusing a recipe or two, formulating a plan, and going for it.  If I'm trying to follow directions too closely, I'm not having fun, and I'm probably messing something up.  So... this "recipe" is to be shared the same way.  Loosely.

I love curry, and have used Thai Kitchen curry paste, which is pretty salty, not that spicy, and expensive.

Making curry paste with your own ingredients is so aromatic- and fun!  Start with:


(Optional: add cilantro, more peppers, a couple recipes 
I found called for shrimp paste...but we didn't have that)

Chop, then mix in the food processor 

Add to chopped onions, carrots, leeks and simmer with coconut oil.

Meanwhile, chop potatoes & green veggie (we went with beans) and combine with 
coconut milk in crock pot.  

Add the paste mix when the onions start to become translucent, let flavors combine & veggies soften on low.

Meanwhile, marinate chicken in:

Curry powder
Juice of lime
Sea salt 
Crushed pepper

(James vetoed the snap of him making the marinade in his 90s Bola hat which was inserted here...)

Toward serving time, add the juice of a lime to the veggies, and taste-test.  I added more dry spice because it was such a big batch. 

Served over spaghetti squash- awesome Gluten-Free noodle substitute!  
(halved, seeded, baked face-down on a pan with water for 45 min @ 350)

Happy New Year to you, and thank you for reading!  
What do you have planned in 2014?

Cheers-ing you with fresh-squeezed grapefruit!
Going to make 2014 count at that teal desk this year!


PS: My favorite song from the new album.  
It's all better with the videos than without... but this song gets me.  

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