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Soon after New Years, my friend Tyler Harrison paid us a lovely visit.  We originally became friends in piano studio at UM, and several years later, he’s finishing on his time at CU Boulder.  His Doctoral Thesis is in Composition, focusing one of the most important composers of our time, who happens to reside here in Montana- David Maslanka.  He shared testaments to 70-year-old Maslanka’s productivity as an artist, and his influence on Tyler's own compositional approach.  Those of you who have been touched by Maslanka’s music may also feel that his music speaks to the core of humanity. Tyler's study in his composition process will be so interesting for composers, musicians, and more.

I'm looking forward to reading Tyler’s work when it is finished and discussing the project further with him. Josey, James, and I were so lucky to hear the first movement, “Joyful,” of Tyler’s Concerto for Piano, Winds, and Percussion played by the composer, in our living room, on my keyboard!  Here’s the piece, played by pianist Nathaniel LaNasa:

During our visit, I shared this project with Tyler, as the idea had just formed weeks before:

This year, PeaceLoveMusicGrows will be filled with interviews focusing on the creative process of a wide array of folks.  I’m starting with lovelies whose work & countenances I’m familiar with.  We’ll see where they take it. I have developed the list of questions with the idea that they stay mostly the same, challenging the participant and giving the reader an interesting view into the process.

Readers are entering this discussion, too. Each artist is providing a question(s) for reflection & commentary, with a chance to win a special giveaway from each feature.  

Grows Feature: {Name Here}

Describe yourself for those who don’t know you.    

Name a few past & current projects you’ve loved.  

Where do you work, and how do you make this environment productive?

How do you capture your inspiration?  (ex: collecting rocks, journaling, the initial idea for a song, clipping magazine photos, meditating, etc.)

Who inspires you?  (would love you to include all three)
1. personal
2. in the media
3. artist we probably haven’t heard of

What materials do you use?  (please be as specific as possible)    

Can you break down your creative process a little for us?

How does it feel when you know you're finished with a project? (or, How do you know you’re finished with a project?)

What are your upcoming creative goals?  (1-3)

Share a piece of wisdom you’ve learned.  (practical, philosophical, whatever you want!)

*Please include 3-6 pictures to share.  

*Please tell us about your giveaway & include a photo.  

*Any ideas for a discussion question?  Something you’d like to know from readers?  I would like to keep the focus in the realm of creativity, making, process, etc.  

*How can I help you grow? (ex. share your etsy + instagram, promote an event you’re involved in, etc.)

Thank you so much for your participation in this project!  So glad to have you on PeaceLoveMusicGrows.  

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