Tuesday, January 14, 2014

mtn mama: wintery things

Josey received some baby skis for Christmas- just to strap on and romp around the yard.  We tried them a couple times this weekend, with adorable results.  Yesterday, as we skied in a fluffy white forest, I mused about all the things I love about Winter (plus links for fun):

4. Holidays!  Many of my loved ones have Winter birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!), plus Thanksgiving-Mardi Gras-St.Paddy's and everything inbetween.

5.There might not be a more peaceful activity in my book than cross-country skiing.  

6. Reading.  I have too many books going, and I'm about curl up with this one about having babies.  

7. Leggings + boots.  I have my eye on these.
8. Scarves!  How about this one by my friend Jane?    

9. Games!  This is a Jamily favorite.  

10. Wintery eats

It's hard to believe that we're at 25 weeks around here.  So... 15 weeks until we have another baby.  3 x 5 and stuff like that.  Wow.  I love keeping up with this blogger's updates... right on time with where I'm at!

Midwife visited again tonight, these months are passing by quick!  Sheehan is so thoughtful- she brought me a couple of books to read, her special blend of tea, and we laughed as Josey lifted up her shirt after we listened to the baby.  Discussion has begun about our birthing process, and we are getting excited!

Lately, I've been feeling pretty great.  Fairly energetic, happy, stoked on life.  People ask you how you are feeling all the time when you're pregnant.  It's sometimes hard to pinpoint the answer or know exactly what to say...because there is so much to feel.  People tell you how you look, too.  In my experience, always nice-meaning comment, but still, strange to have your body be so often the topic of conversation.

This week, I'm feeling much bigger- the baby seems to be moving higher, and my belly feels more stretched.  Looking like a possible outie belly-button this time (last go-around, James won the bet as it stayed just about flat).  My hips have been expanding over the past months, and only seem happy with a balanced dose of walking and stretching.  My ribs have been moving too... Make room for baby!

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