Monday, January 27, 2014

mtn mama: warm fuzzies

My mind likes to run. Sometimes more gazelle, sometimes more squirrel. Do this, do that, what did he say, what did she do?  My head has been feeling a little fuzzy lately. I can't survive without a good run/walk/romp every once in awhile to clear it out, reset.  This weekend, we put Josey in the Chariot and took a nice walk around a dirt-road loop that has a couple good hills. Continued the routine today.  

Walking is seriously the best thing when you're pregnant.  Keeps your blood pressure down, helps clear the head.  Right now, JJ loves to have her animals with her, and she's happy chatting or zoning out in the stroller.  

Just this Fall!

Miss Josephine has slept with "Sleepytime Giraffe" for over a year now.  It's a stuffed animal that comes with a machine inside to make white-noise.  As an infant at Many Glacier, it was the only way Josephine would sleep.  Eventually, the little noise-machine was no longer necessary, and sucking on "Bubba's" legs was.  

Lately, she's developed a rash on her face which our Doc said was from slobbering on the little guy.  Plus, I'm over slogging the darn things (yes, we have two) to daycare & washing it everyday.  So, we said buh-bye to Bubba.  

So far, she is surviving, but it's hard to see my baby sad. 

Girl was so excited on Friday, "Gonna see the baby!"  

Our midwife says ultrasounds aren't required, but nice to have. She recommended Care Net, a great pregnancy resource.  Although this clinic doesn't do diagnostic ultrasounds, they will advise you to get one if they see anything amiss.
 Your face is all that I see....  

The office was warm and inviting, and James and Josey sat with a book while I went back to the car to fetch the checkbook for our donation.  Shortly after I sat down, they called us back and Josephine screamed bloody murder.  Apparently the office, calling-in feeling was a little too reminiscent of her recent vaccine-filled trip to the pediatrician! She was quickly eased by the fun toys in the room.

A first look at your baby, it's more than words.  With Josey, our ultrasounds were at 8 & 20 weeks, and after both, I felt so much closer with the new life inside me. Same connection here. I feel like I know the little soul better, now.

This ultrasound was a treat, warm gel on my belly, my J's playing on the floor looking up at the screen.  Feeling the baby's strong kicks simultaneously watching them.  Magic! I was tempted to go along with it when the RN said, "Josey, we're going to find out if you're having a brother or sister today!"  Nope, we'll wait a couple more months.

This pregnancy has been going pretty great, other than a painful wake-up call.  One night last week, I shot awake with the worst pain ever in my leg.  Still asleep I screeched,  "It's a link in my blog!  I can't get it off!  Ow!  Ow!  Ow!"

"Wait, what's going on?"  James sat up slowly.  My eyes un-fogged.  "Ack!  the worst leg cramp ever."  My circulation hasn't been prime in a couple of ways... aka time for yoga & cleaner eating.  

Moving Toward Balance: 8 Weeks of Yoga with Rodney Yee is going to help me with my shorter-than-the-average-bear attention span.  A pearl of wisdom from Day 1:

“Being Present means observing and responding appropriately to whatever arises.”  

A great opportunity arose with Josey this weekend. She spent a lot of time "making cookies & pancakes" so, I decided it was time for her to help me!  We made cranberry coco bars from my original recipe, added flax & cinnamon.  So. Much. Fun! I can't wait for more kitchen creations with JJ.

With conviction, I’m channeling less scattered, more zen. 

Ten things to make happen this week:

1.  Structure re-set. 2.  Guitar to XO (anyone else obsessed with this song???) 3.  Connect more at VSA (make a seating chart & address guidelines for rehearsal) 4.  Greet my students at the door.  Exude confidence!

5.  Walk with Josey afterschool. 6.  Continue to reduce multitasking around Josephine.  {Worked on this last week, feel like a 100% better mama when I am present with her.}7.  Be especially comforting/flexible while she’s weaning from Bubba. 

8.  Girlfriend Mix.  9.  Thank-Yous.  10.  Music with James!

Thanks for reading!

Have you had a baby?  How did that first ultrasound feel?  
Oh, and any tips on weaning a baby from their stuffed-love?  

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