Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Belated Valentines (plus ten Favorite Blogs)

Like all holidays, I never feel fully prepared for Valentine's Day.  I tried to get some sent to loves in time, alas, didn't quite make it happen.  It's the thought that counts?  Well, my students delivered Singing Valentines last week and did a great job! Love this little diddy about getting up in the morning from little Shirley.  I'm writing a post for BijaBody about Josey and I's beauty routines, coming in March!

love Courtney's illustration of some Missoula gems
for the Festival.

Are you in Missoula?  Make sure to catch some of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival!  We are planning on catching "Where God Likes to Be" next weekend.  A much-needed date opportunity with Mr. Wonderful!

Some news you might find interesting: I'm working on a Documentary, too!  More on that...soon.  It's been on the brain for awhile, and thanks to two lovely filmmakers, we are moving forward.  For now, getting used to saying/writing it.  We are making a documentary.  In Glacier.  Want to know more?  Ask me!

Oh, and Happy President's Day!  James told me an interesting story about Theodore Roosevelt on Valentine's Day.  The 26th President had a terrible Valentine's Day in 1884, when both his mother and young wife passed away.  Four years earlier, he wrote this about his young love, "She is so marvelously sweet, and pure and loveable and pretty that I seem to love her more every time I see her though I love her so much now that I really can not love her more."  (via Library of Congress)

We feel the same for our little Valentine!  How could we love her more??  

Gluten-Free Pizzas (thanks to Bob's Red Mill )

My Valentines 

It was a great long weekend with this girl, who is talking so much these days!  She's obsessed with a song called "It's a Rainbow!" and loves to belt it out over and over again.  We rented "Despicable Me 2" as a Valentine Treat.  (Remember?  Huge Minion Fans around here!)  You HAVE to watch this:

My intuition is telling me that I need to slow my mind a bit.  I come by it honestly, having inherited my speedy brain from a very beautiful woman.  Like my Grandma Vicki, my mind doesn't stop.  Two ways I'm attempting to slow down as I prepare to bring another child into the world:

illustration by Libby VanderPloeg, via DesignSponge

  • Practicing the focus of the mind.  Beautiful Belly Yoga is a start, getting outside is another great steps, but Meditating with these daily challenges is a great stretch for busy-minded me!  They say the mind/body connection is crucial for childbirth.  Working on it!

Preparing for a Birth at home puts on a bit more pressure and responsibility on us.  First of all, I want my body to be as healthy as I can, and I want my mind to be clear.  I also want our space to feel streamlined, as stuff and storage tends to stress me out.  I have just started reading this book, and in just the first couple pages, I've been asked to consider my family's uniquities and values.  Loving it.  I can tell this will be a practical guide to helping us simplify as we prepare for big changes around here!

Also, our First Mamalode Book Club was a success!  (Missed you, D.)  It was so nice to get together with a group of women & talk openly about our unique experiences as mothers & children.  If you are in the Missoula area and would like to get involved, contact me!  The more the merrier- next one is Issue 2: Identity. (Also, listen to this Mamalode Mix from Valentine's Day)

Thanks to everyone who commented on the Grows Feature on Puerto!  The winner of the giveaway is .... drumroll...Rebecca!  Also, Jane is offering a special discount for Grows readers for the end of February!  Her newest earring design will be just $8 for the rest of this month!  Visit her Etsy Site & use code peacelovemusicgrows at checkout. 

Jane, you rock.  Thank you!  


asked to link up our 10 favorite blogs this week.  I'm not good for more than one post a week these days, but love this prompt & linkup, so I'm sneaking it in here!  I read a TON of blogs, but keep coming back to these (linked to a recent favorite post).  What's your favorite online read?

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Rookie Mag- Saturday Links

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(Tuesday Ten is hosted by The Golden Spoons & The Liebers. Each week, they cheerfully assign a topic for a list of ten.  I like that idea and hope you will, too. If you’re a blogger… why not join?)

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