Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Should Watch T.V.

I recently heard a DJ profess his love to Annie Clark on KBGA, praising her newly-released album (St. Vincent).  I'm still not over "Love this Giant," her epic 2012 collaboration with Talking Head's David Byrne.  I was first introduced to Annie through the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival a couple years ago.  She meets collaborates with Andrew Bird in the inspirational documentary, "Break it Yourself". Woman just oozes musicality, as you can see in this performance.  Also, love Byrne groovin' to the band.  What a boss!

Anyway, I am working on a mix for my girlfriends, and stumbled back upon this song.  Classic Talking Heads feel and a great message.  "Maybe someday we can stand together, not afraid of what our eyes might see.  Maybe someday understand them better, the weird things inside of me."

Chair via West Elm
Among other actions, I've been pondering standing and sitting lately.  I’ve gotten in a rut of starting my classes at my computer (rather than just assigning someone to take roll for me), taking too long to get up and get going, when my kids are all seated in their chairs. I'm over wasting this intro time, and we work better when our bodies are flowing!

So, new plan for 10 minutes everyday, in a circle (starting Feb. 24)

1.  Movement, breathing, stretching.  

2.  One improv activity.  

3.  Vocalises acapella.  

4.  Sol-feg activity.  

5. Then- chairs!


Photo via Where God Likes to Be Kickstarter Page.
I was so inspired by Douglas Fitzgerald in "Where God Likes to Be."  The thing is, I didn't realize I was standing behind him in the popcorn line, everyone kept coming up to say hello, he held his daughter, long like our toddler, in his arms.  I was inspired by his presence in line even before I knew he was the star of the film.

On film, Douglas was so relatable, a man who talks about doing what you love to do, no matter how much money you're making.  Loves his wife and family, and believes in roots- his home looking right into the mountains where we spend our summers.

That moment, where you hear the film title, we were right there with him, tears in our eyes.  I feel God here, too.

PS: Whadya think?  Should this girl should watch T.V.?


Have a wonderful week!

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