Tuesday, February 4, 2014

mtn mama: super!

Superbowl Sunday, pretty much a National Holiday, reminds me of last year.  That's what I love about Holidays, they bring us back.  Time to remember, reflect, think about where you are right now.  One thing I am is at the stage most women report feeling the best during their pregnancy.  Yep, super.  (Have you seen Fargo?  One of my favorite preggo characters ever) I must report that painting toenails is proving to be more and more challenging, and I'm adding pillows to my snoogie, which apparently does the work of 5.  I won't even go into the Bubba withdrawals today.

If indeed "watching the Superbowl," I'm the girl chatting it up and not paying attention to football anyway.  I'm tell you to be quiet for the National Anthem, though.  Renee Fleming was so classy and fabulous.  Goosebumps, tears in my eyes!

Anyway, we took advantage of the fact that most of America was watching football and took off to ski after Josey's afternoon nap & my yoga session.  The past couple days, I've been working with this Prenatal Yoga DVD which I used when pregnant with Josey.  My only complaint is the teacher isn't mirroring, so my mind works double-time to figure out if I should do what I hear or what I see.  Still, love the three models at different stages in their pregnancy, the various series that can be broke down, and kegel reminders never hurt anyone!

The drive up to Lolo Pass is always a beautiful one, a lovely tradition for James and I in our years together.  A huge fire changed the landscape considerably this Fall.  Almost to the pass, as things were looking fluffier and fluffier, I pointed out a hill/skintrack to Josey- "I climbed that with you in my belly!"  Ah!


We really really love Sundays at Lolo.  It's like church in some ways.  If you haven't seen this video (world's cutest cocoa-drinker), don't be shy.  I'm won't tell you about the little spout that happened before, unless you really have to know!

One of my favorite traditions as a child was going skiing on the weekends.  The snowy drive, the layering, the hot cocoa, the tunes in the car are just as much about skiing to me as the bliss, the glide, the float.  

Mamalode's theme this month is Sport.  One of my (many) favorite things about Mamalode the encouragement me to ponder life in themes.  Relate them to my past, my present, to my daughter's future.

{Elke's introduction.  Love her writing!}

Several of my favorite living writers are participating in an intriguing series from You Plus Parenting in New York.  Play was a Mamalode theme this summer, and it is something I think about often with Josey and James.  While it is very natural for him to "play" with her, for me, it takes more pause.  Everytime I do, I'm glad, because we connect in a way that nothing else can. 

{Following this discussion in February}

I can't forget: been insanely inspired by Rookie lately.  If you haven't visited this site, DO!  Editor Tavi Gevinson is a prodigy, and I love her honest, forward thinking.  The perspectives shared here are priceless, an important pulse on today's culture & youth.  This month's theme is Escape.

{February on Rookie: Escape}
Photo by Tim Walker

Speaking of escape... #TuesdayTen Prompt- Superpowers!  Linking up with Lisa and Rabia again today. 

 Superpowers I want to HONE:

1.  Ultimate concentration/focus.  Yoga helps.

2.  Ability to have rational interactions around/about/with rodents.

3. I want a storage of self-doubt kryptonite, plus unlimited supply to share with the world.  For now:


4. Geography.  Oh my goodness!  Sometimes I'm appalled at how little I remember from school.  We used to have this shower curtain, it helped.

5. Photo-Organization.  I take so many photos, and know that there will be another influx with this new baby.  Keeping things semi-organized helps keep this in check for me.  Any tips??

6.  Routinity.  Something in my subconscious might be abhorrent to routine.  However, my students and children to appreciate some of it!  One thing that's helping in the classroom is 

7.  Bumblebee-like flight.  I want to be the kind of superhero who's flying around helping my students, inspiring, not getting caught up behind the piano or my desk.  

8.  Restraint.  Knowing when it's time to go, knowing when it's time to stop.  
Time to talk, time to listen. 

9. Teleport.  So often, I want to be two places at once!

10.  Unlimited energy supply.  It's genetic- I have millions of ideas all the time.  Keeping up with them is quite the task sometimes....  

Thoughts on superpowers?

We're kicking off a big collaborative project here on Friday!  On the First Friday of each month, we'll post a feature.  An introduction to a creative-type who I know.  I'm excited to share some amazing artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more.  I'm hoping to hone some skills through it: question-asking, synthesizing, describing, connecting.  

These ladies will lead the way:

Rag and Stone
Starry Night
Bess B.

Each one is participating in an exclusive interview, offering a sweet giveaway, and giving us all something to think about and apply in our creative lives.  

I'm already inspired and think you'll be, too!  

*Make sure to come back on Friday for our amiga Jane*

PS: We lost a supreme actor this weekend.  Click for tribute:


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