Monday, March 17, 2014

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Happy St. Paddy's Day!  This post from last year just makes me happy.  Crazy what happens in a year!  We ate some cornbeef and cabbage again tonight, but sadly, I put JJ down in a bit of a fury rather than the intended finish-your-dinner, have-a-special-treat, night I was hoping for.  She has been really testing us, and we're taking things day-by-day, rolling without letting her drown us.  It's a balancing act, as many parents of toddlers know.

Arthur Dove: Clouds & Water, 1930

I just saw a MamaCollective "Currently" link up on Hannah's Joyful Life, and decided that posting my own is exactly what I need before continuing on with everything.  Thanks for the prompt, ladies!  

Thinking about:  Stress on the rise- a week of neglected yoga after a big performance, a cold sitting in my sinuses, and a lot of big changes coming up.  Plus, a close work friend is going through a rough time right now.  Lots of emotions surging through me lately, and sometimes, I don't like how strong they are.  Super-sappy one minute, super-snippy the next.  Back to the mat, and more regular walks with JoJo Bean this week.  James starts tennis practice today, meaning I'll have Josey after school by myself until he gets home around dinner-bedtime.  Planning to get outside and explore everyday!  

The currents of Spring are rolling in around here, and truly, there isn't so much time until our life changes radically.  I look forward to all of it, I want to do it all perfectly well.  I know how crippling my high expectations of myself can be, so I'm seeking peace through simplicity. 

Reading: Minimalist Parenting, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Mamalode, and Rolling Stone.... but I'm also looking for the perfect novel to get lost in before bedtime.  Something with family/pregnancy/childbirth and not sad. Any recommendations?

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Listening to: Our record player.  We love it so much.  Favorites to spin: Joni Mitchell, Phillip Aaberg, Allman Brothers, Randy Newman.  
At work: Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring by the jazz trio the Bad Plus- via NPR.  
Also: this dance mix.  
Watching:  Jimmy Fallon on the Late Show!  So many awesome guests!  Parks and Rec was amazing this week, and we always watch Nashville.  (All found through HuluPlus)  
Thankful for:  So much to be thankful for!  My new student teacher who ROCKS.  Of course, my family too.  Also, for a very sweet visit this weekend from friends bearing box of adorable maternity clothes!  So nice to put a Spring in my step with some fashionable choices for a belly in Spring!  
BIG thanks to Melanie for her awesome feature and giveaways, thanks to everyone who reads here, perused Starry Knight Etsy, and commented- and congrats to winners Maggie & Dakota!  

Have a great week out there!

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