Wednesday, March 5, 2014

mtn mama: oh, baby!

This pregnancy is rolling right along- we are in the third trimester and can see the finish line!  I have been feeling pretty well, thank you, except for the constant up & down of a toddler, a random rash on my face, and increasing pressure on my pelvis.  The 2nd trimester-blissful energy is unfortunately waving "ta-ta", I feel ready for bed by 8:30.  Busy weekend coming up for this prego: Cafe Chocolat in Florence!  The most involved production we put on every year, and it's going to be the best yet.

Blurry 32-week belly

Right now, baby is the size of a pineapple!  Our midwife visited this weekend for a relaxing prenatal massage and zero balancing.  Lucky me!  It was a nice way to start of a busy week.  Interesting to hear some more of her background, too.  We are preparing for a home birth, and I couldn't be more excited to give birth in my space- room to walk and labor, and a birth tub!  I hope to update here on our homebirth preparations and experience.

Josephine Baker via Hollywoodian Elegance

Our Josephine is talking, singing, dancing like CRAZY.  
She is just SO excited to use the vocabulary she's growing at home and at preschool.  
Still, there is an abundance of her own wacky language, ever-evolving and increasingly hybrid.

"Guys, you stay right there.  Ill be right back.  Okay. Okay?"  
"Wanna go podee."

"My _________(insert whatever is in your hand here)!"

"Go to the KYor room?  Go to the KYor room?"
"It's a RAINBOW, It's a RAINBOW."

"Pay pano!"

Inspired by reading the loving birth stories in Ina May's book and preparing for a new birth experience, I wrote about our journey as Josephine entered our lives. This week, our story is featured on Hand and the Heart Birth Diaries.  Please head to Andrea's blog and take a few minutes to read this post (and comment, if you'd like!) It's been awhile in the making: both our birth story and the experience we had with Josey's tongue-tie.

Fresh baby
Also, stay tuned on the blog this week: 
Friday is our second Grows Feature with Starry Night Designs!  I really enjoyed interviewing Melanie about her leather creations business.  She makes awesome moccasins like these (which will be part of her giveaway) and much more:

Reba and JJ and purple mocs

PS: Isn't this historical name analysis fun?   

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