Monday, April 21, 2014

currently: celebrating two

It was a weekend spent celebrating life- Josephine's Birthday + Easter!  I can't believe she was born two years ago.  Last year, she smothered herself in red frosting to celebrate her first year of life, and rode her little scooter bike.  This year, we had an Eastery party with family here at home.

My parents were in town on Saturday, and they hung out with the birthday girl at the tennis courts, giving me time to stock up for baby #2's birth.  The nesting urge is much stronger this time.  I have this need to finish projects, purge, re-organize.  We're preparing for a homebirth, and that is a nesting act in itself!  (More on preparing our home for a home/waterbirth here soon, I hope)

I'm linking up with the Mamas at A Mama Collective for this post- I like their prompts and it's a nice way to connect with other bloggers.  

Thinking about: 

My past.  Nesting urges have me looking through photos, organizing them a bit, and reminiscing.  I love seeing pictures of my family members and friends throughout the years, and my, I had some awkward phases!

Plus, featuring Bess here on the blog (go see!) caused me to peep back into some of the photos from our very beautiful and special wedding.  I am so glad to have the partnership James and I do. Blessed.

Reading: Still, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and I loved this Rolling Stone feature on Pope Francis:

Also, loving these beautiful books:

Listening to: Josephine.  The things that come out of her mouth!

"Mommy, member Grandma and Grandpa?  Member Papa and Grandad and Grammy?"

"I need cake."

"Pooh wanna stroller."

"Mommy, see da birdies?  Way up 'der in the tree?"

"Where IS a my phone?"  (she has so many 'phones' and loves to 'watch Kermit' & 'Frozen' & 'da Moose')

"I wanna call a my GeeGee."

Also, Josey's Birthday was on Record Store Day this year!  I stopped by Rockin' Rudy's and picked up this gem:


Four years of teaching choir in Florence are coming to a close, and I will be a mama in a different sense, staying home with my babies.

Florence Carlton Choir was my 'baby'.  So many great ideas for that program, so many good things set in motion.  I've announced my resignation, told the kids I won't be back next year.  Now, I'm crossing off my checklist, getting the position ready for someone else, not to mention weeding out my personal matter from the classroom. I am praying the right person comes along for Falcon Choir, and do my best to make things accessible, organized, for them to have a much easier start than I did.  If you know of a good candidate, please encourage them to apply!

I'm also enjoying time teaching as a duo with my awesome student teacher, who is thankfully going to take over the class when I give birth.  Watching her teach music is exciting and inspiring!

Thankful For: right now in this pregnancy- 38 39 weeks, getting swollen with the life inside of me.  Feeling more detail in baby's movements, feeling the changes in my body as it prepares for labor. I'm thankful for my health and support system as this big adventure is coming up!  

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