Monday, April 7, 2014

golden spring

"Your daughter has had her coat on and looking out the window for you for the last half-hour," said Papa John as we walked down the sunny walkway, he holding his muffins and overflowing mail, wrangling the little doggies, his "kids."

Girl gave Miss Vicki a sweet hug & kiss and trotted out the door.  I was glad to see her, an extra hour plus after school feels like forever!

At home, I started soup and she cooked out of the bottom drawer, stuffing carrots into her special jar, sharing a slice of bread with Pooh bear and me.

After the soup was going how I wanted it on low, we ventured outside.  I wanted to play guitar like I had last week, but ended up with a melodica instead.  Love my new melodica.  Josey picked up a shaker, and my heart squeezed, as we were making music together, walking out the door!

Across the road, I saw a goat turn it's head toward the music, and noticed the birds chirping loudly.  Spring!


We play for awhile, then Josey's brought me a pinecone.

"Here, you wanna have this?"  I kneel down, "Oh thank you!"

"You wanna try this?"  Drinking motion.  I try, we switch pinecones.

"Wanna have a sit down?"  We sit and sip, and I reach for my melodica again, it felt so good to play into the rich, new gift.  She gets up.

"Wanna go for a walk?"

"Yah.  Wanna go walk.  Ok mommy, this goes right here.  Stay right there.  She motions for the place where my melodica should stay, and holds up her pinecone.

"I lika milk, this hava milk,"  we start walking down the rockway.

"Mmm.  I like milk, too, Josey!" imagining with her is just going to get better and better.

"Let's go backwards, mommy.  Like this."  The sun is gleaming in wide rays over the garage roof.  Her curls are golden.

"Moonwalk?"  I show her, a better discovery for another day.

She leads me over to new green growth, and bends down, pretending to eat it.  "What's that, Josey?"

"That is....  That is that."

"This is grass!"  Her eyes light up, and bending down, I'm reminded how excited I am to have this baby.

"See that, Mommy?  See the horseys?"

There they are, across the road, enjoying the sun as we are.

"Oooh see that, Mommy?  See the moon?"  Above the horses, a white moon accented by textured, whispy clouds.  "You can touch it, Mommy?"

"Yes, you can touch it!"

((Thankful for a Golden evening of brilliance with Josephine James today))

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