Thursday, April 3, 2014

mtn mama: nesting, springing

It is officially April, and we are due May 1--- eek!  About a month until we are four- nursing, tired, parents juggling toddler and newborn...

PeaceLoveMusicGrows is officially here, too.  Did you notice?  My domain was gone for a bit.  I won't spare boring details, but I'll say the whole thing made me want to boycott the internet (like facebook often does), work on other projects, and forget it.  Really, though, this is my nest in the world wide to make lovely and invite others in.  So, thankful it worked out.

I look and feel super-preggers.  Hearing a lot of, "so when is the baby here?" or, "you're getting so close!"  While we were visiting my family in Helena, Josey explained to her Grandparents that mommy couldn't do the task at hand because "she's too big in the belly."  Yep, pretty much.

Full on conversations with that sweet girl are developing more each day!  Loving her creative/imaginative play with cooking- she makes lots of rock cakes, and is totally obsessed with slides.

"Let's have a go to the park!"
"I see the slide!"
"Watch this, Mommy!"
"Good job, Daddy!"
"Say the password!"

Today it was sitting and watching some kids on the tire swing.  We kept asking her if she wanted to do something else, and she'd say, "I'm sitting!"

Sharing is natural- she's constantly inviting us- to jump off a rock, have a snack, watch her wooden 'phone', or wear her hat/shoes/sunglasses...

"You wanna try this?"

I'm hoping this spirit of goodwill extends to this baby who will be dividing our attention considerably.


I feel the nesting urge in swells.  It's different, because at the end of May, we're headed back up to Many Glacier for summer, and I know what that entails.  So, an urge to nest by simplifying.  Make nest portable.  More on that later...

Our Friday will be heading into town for James' tennis practice.  Josey Bean and I will try to see Fire Speaks the Land.  Then, we shall meet Daddy and go swimming, I hope!  The weekend will be prepping for a busy week ahead...excited to be playing with Dolce Canto & District music!

I'll be learning, always, with Josey bean.  There sure spitfire springing out of her at times, and sometimes I need to settle and breathe before I'm mad.  Mad is such a strong word, and homegirl isn't even 2.  For me, being a gentle, loving mama truthfully requires more presence.

I see growing glimmers of defiance in those toddler eyes, but brighter lights of understanding and forgiveness.  She amazes me every single day.

We have our spouts, but they fizzle.  I find it's usually as I've tried to hurry things, anticipating what I'm doing next rather than what I'm doing now, with my daughter, that things go awry.  Or I've told her we are doing something too far in advance, and she's following me as I scramble to get ready in my tornado mama way.  Simplifying and doing less at a time is better for my daughter, better for productivity, but not natural to Emily. 

I hear James, he's on that green looper in our living room.  I'm about to get on the keys.

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