Monday, April 28, 2014

mtn mama: preparing for homebaby.

Nesting is a feeling I'm accustomed to. I've always been part-homebody, sentimentally claiming my space.  I had the nesting vibe in our bungalow Josey was born, preparing her closet of tiny clothes, tidying and tying up odds and ends.  Preparing to give birth at home to a second child brings a whole different side to nesting.

Last night, I was SURE I would be in full-on labor with this baby throughout the night.  Intermittent contractions were not something I experienced with Josey's labor, which came in full-force.  So last night, I made James blow up the pool, and this morning, I felt disappointingly-normal (on the way out the door to school, Josey declared the pool her "favorite!" as I tried to explain that the baby was going to be born in there).

I want Josephine's transition into sisterhood to go well.  I've always been a believer of letting her know what's going on as much as I can.  Having our midwives visit here, to listening to the baby (and her belly) has been a nice part of that process for me.  This weekend, we installed the baby's carseat next to hers.  Last night, I got in the bath with her and we talked about the baby coming out of my belly.  Who knows how much she understands, and I am anxious for the transition to two littles around here.

Josephine's hospital birth was wonderful, but I wanted a different experience for the birth of this child.  Over the summer, before I even officially knew I was pregnant, I dreamt of birthing a baby at home in the Bitterroot.  The dream was more symbolic than anything, but gave me an extra nudge to look into a caregiver at home.

My first conversation with Sheehan was together comforting and empowering.  I told her about Josey being born posterior, my Group B Strep, and our concerns about emergency transport.  Sheehan gave me credit for making it through that birth naturally, then explained concrete ways for me to prevent all three of those concerns.  Sheehan and her apprentice have encouraged me to take responsibility in this pregnancy- noticing my posture/body alignment, taking probiotics, and choosing wellness leading up to birth.

Taking responsibility for this thing, this birth at home, means more work for us, yes.  I packed my hospital bag some time around Josey's due date, then barely opened it.  At the hospital, they supply you with everything you need (and charge you for it).  At home, you supply everything you need, and there is something about that I just love!

Midwife's Birth Kit- Midwives' kits will vary, ours was $40 plus $10 shipping ordered from Cascade Healthcare Products.

Homebirth Materials- we had most of these around, but also spent about $20 from Wal-Mart:

//hair things // q-tips & hydrogen peroxide // crock pot + ginger + tea tree oil (for hot compresses) // disposable sheet pans (2-pack for instruments & placenta) // clock with second hand // digital thermometer // flashlight // 2 large trash bags // baby clothes, diapers, etc. // 6-10 old baby blankets // 10 cheap washclothes, old sheets & two old towels // red raspberry leaf tea //

Waterbirth Materials- I am planning to labor in the water.  I don't know if we'll birth in the water, but I love the idea of it!

//pool tub ($46, perfect for Josey to play in summer, too!) //
// pumps to fill & drain (supplied by our midwife) //
// new garden hose ($7- we'll fill the pool with hot water from the washer setup //
// pot to refill with warm water //

In case of Emergency, we've got a full tank of gas, and know that we are less than 30 minutes from Community Hospital.  Sheehan said that with the majority of her transfers, they know before labor that there is something wrong, and everything is right on track for me this time!

So, that's it.  Any day now... we'll meet our new little munchkin.  Until then, I'm trying to relax, remembering that my mother waited 2 weeks past her due date for both me and my brother.

Gender predictions?  My "gut feeling" seems to teeter-totter.  I just can't wait to meet this child!  

How about you?  
Commentary to share on your experiences?  

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