Sunday, May 25, 2014

And...we're back!

Well hello from Glacier country!  In the midst of crazy May, there wasn't time to write, plus all sorts of things have been changing too quickly to synthesize. I did take on Mamalode's Instagram series #dayinthelifeofmamalode, a nice way to capture & share some emotions and happenings during this transitional time of leaving a full-time-job & becoming full-time-mama.  Not that all mamas aren't full-time, but you know what I mean!

Back here at Many, I'm hoping to set aside a little bit of each day for some creating and exploring, working on the Hoot documentary and music.  Also trying to rest and enjoy the new growth around me.  Noticing bright snowpack as it diminishes, tiny buds on branches.  

It's been nice to shake out a little cabin fever as Josephine plays in nature.  All the moving: toys and tools, clothes and kids, it was emotional, it was hard, it was good.  Nice to remember that all you need is some rocks and dirt after pining for material items & memories.

So much stuff!  Many of our commitments are now wrapped up- some more abruptly than others.  Many folks were left without a goodbye, and I feel strange being so disconnected from school when it's not out for summer yet.  James & I tag-teamed it to move our family of four, which was much more difficult than anticipated (isn't it always?!) Now we are decompressing a bit, letting things go.

The rhythm of purging and organizing has felt really good- with moving and now at the boat house before the whole crew is here.  It's nice to take a bit of time and figure out where and how to make things look and function better than last year.  

Eliza (aka tree frog) has been through a lot in her first month of life, I want to mellow things out for her.  She's had a harder time with nursing, as she came into a busy world that wasn't stopping: accompanying me to school early on, lots of running around for a newborn.  She took a bottle early, thanks to the breast pump (provided via Obamas healthcare for all).  

Mommy-guilt is so hard.  Today, as she was screaming during her usual witching hour, I reminded myself, "you're doing the best you can."  Hard not to be too hard on myself.  Remembering that this wee babe just left my womb, and we are missing parts of each other, needing each other now in new, different ways.  Oh, and thank God for babywearing!

Returning to Many has been fun with Big sister. It feels like her first time as she is just putting it all together.  Girl is so darn passionate, exuberant, curious, impressionable.  Her reactions to all these "new" experiences, interacting with boat co family in a while new way.  Endearing and entertaining!  Often, fear comes first, but excitement follows.  See Miss Bumble Tuna below.  Shortly after this, she whispered "I don WAN na go to Many GLacier."  I reminded her Ty & Margaret were here, and we were able to get stoked on the gorgeous Spring drive into the Valley, including making Duck sounds "one more time" a million times.

On our first Lake Josephine visit, she said she saw a whale!  I know how grandiose this place seemed to me when I first came here 10 years ago, but nothing beats a child's imagination!

I am excited to be on YouPlus2 Parenting later this week sharing my take on play with Josephine- how much electronics and the internet can affect our toddlers.  Look for it!  It's already been great to unplug here in Glacier and just follow the needs of my babies.  Simplify life a bit.  

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