Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Introducing.... E.M.H.

Drumroll.... it's a GIRL!

I really went back and forth on what I thought this baby's gender would be.  Because of some differences in the pregnancies (namely: morning sickness & skin dermatitis), I thought boy.  But I've always wanted a sister, and now, Josephine can have a sister!

So, Miss Eliza.  She's an ancient soul.
She looks like a little old man, and I feel I've known her forever.  

Elizabeth May Hackethorn
May 2, 2014 8:34 am
8lbs, 2oz
Born in the water at home

My Great-Grandma on my Dad's side is Grandma May (*middle name Elizabeth!), and James' family tree has this hopeful month namesake as well.  Plus, I was influenced by reading Ina May Gaskin and preparing for her birth.  So, fitting.  If she's been born in April, maybe her middle name would be Moon.

Elizabeth is also a family name on Dad's side: James' middle name Cannon comes from his Great-Grandfather Clarence Cannon, I believe one of his daughters was named Elizabeth.  My therapist, Elizabeth Allen, was a huge influence in my life, and I honor her with this name as well.

When we were in Glacier this summer, we hiked with really good friends through the Ptarmigan Tunnel, and through Red Gap Pass via Goal Trail.  We marvelled at Chief Mountain, and even submitted Yellow Mountain, before descending to Poia Lake and out through the dark.  The day before, I had found out about our Little Moonbeam.

Elizabeth Lake from the north side of Ptarmigan Tunnel 8/22/14
photo by Anders Olson

We had a beautiful  look down at Elizabeth Lake.  I enjoyed being quiet about our news throughout the day, but I kept looking back and meditating on the lake.  To me, having named Josephine after the lake meant that our other children should have something special about their names, hopefully in the park.  Now, Eliza won't get to hike regularly on her lake like Josey can, but we'll look forward to special adventures there with the girls someday.

I am excited to write Eliza's birth story.  After taking the time to write Josephine's Birth & Nursing Story this March, I am excited to share the very different and equally amazing experience of Eliza's birth, especially while I remember it so well.


Speaking of Nursing, little Miss E has a tongue-tie as well.  We have an appointment Thurs.  In the meantime, we are dealing with the arrival of milk & nursing pain, but feeling glad to have known this experience before.  Until then, I'm trying to rest & make this transition easy for bis sis, Josephine.

The hormones and emotions are running high, but thankfully, Eliza loves to sleep.  We could just stare at her for days.

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