Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day!

Happy May Day!  

Have you heard this new album: Lighght on NPR's First Listen?  

Try it, it's a bit addicting.   
I think it sounds like the Shins a bit... and I love the intro and outro and the lyrical lines that keep rising through.  What do you think?

Ah, it is just gorgeous here, at HOME.
I thought I could make it through the week at school, but yesterday, I realized that things are just better if I'm not there.  Plus, too many people asked, "what are you doing here?" or "you're still here??"  Ceri's got it under control in the choir room, and I want to relax and have a baby.
What if today's the day?

Today, either way, I'm going on walks and writing (finishing a guest post that I'm really excited about!), and cleaning and stretching and playing music.  Josephine is at Miss Vickie's.  If I go into labor, then beautiful.  If not, then carry on (and on and on).

She was outside all day yesterday, and with these blue skies, I think she'll have a great day today at school today.  I read a transitional idea for little ones, to have someone give them a gift when the baby is born.  I'm going to give her my sweatshirt with Big Bird.  Stitched by Gee Gee.  

When our little apple blossom is nervous, she looks down and talks about her clothes!  "It has pockets!  I got flowers!" her pointer-finger on her chest.  Maybe having Big Bird on her shirt will be a small consolation for our attention being divided from here on out.

We made Granola last night, adapted from Asha Dornfest's recipe on Parent Hacks.  I love cooking with Josey!

Last night, she kissed me in between each one of the cradle rungs, her hair spiraling, her toddler self muscular and sunned with Spring.  It's a beautiful life we're in together.  I can't believe how much I love that girl, and how my heart is going to explode with another little one!

......................................................................................You, are the answer to my question.

PS: Kishi Bashi's Tiny Desk Concert

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