Monday, November 24, 2014

Road Tripping with Tots!

We have been here long enough that our car smells like sea.  I know, because I just cleaned it out!  Which got me thinking, it might be nice to quickly share a couple things so far.  We've been lucky enough to start our vacation pre-Holiday and now getting to midway in our adventure.  This might come in handy for anyone beginning travels soon!

On road-tripping with littles (ours are 6months & 2.5 years):
-->>pack with lots of reusable grocery bags or any bags you like to use- keep the ones you want accessible in the back seat.
-->>one bag for dry snacks (we like DIY granola, bars, fruit snacks, a couple apples & bananas)
-->> one bag for diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.
-->> have white noise available.  We couldn't live without it for our littlest!  easy-to-install as an app on your phones, we also have an on-the-go Giraffe with built-in-sounds, which takes up plenty of littlest's attention when she's not giggling at silly big sis!
-->>designate one bag for all kid books, baby toys, etc.  use sparingly, corral often.  We are finding that Josey is very imaginative and one or two things occupies her attention in the car.  Too many toys can be overwhelming!-->> reserve screen time for dire circumstances!  We have been too lenient with this - Jos has been asking for more & more....
ALSO, if you have an iPhone, are you familiar with the bottom-swipe command screen?  so helpful.  Try it!  Swipe up & ta-da, all arguments about forgetting headlamps, diffused:
If this is a new discovery to you, too-notice the other features. Top-to-bottom, L>>R:
Airplane mode: great for driving through spotty service as not to waste data/battery.
Wireless finder, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, photo-orientation lock.  The bar comes in handy for adjusting your screen in bright sun vs dark night, especially if yours doesn't adjust automatically.Whatever is playing will be the main command: music, white noise, YouTube, which it would seem our toddler likes to find on her own, etc.The bottom row speaks for itself :)Are you traveling for the Holidays this year?  Where??  What's your favorite secret or tool for travel? 

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