Wednesday, December 10, 2014

the Holiday Spirit....

This time of year, my text messages start to look a little like greeting cards.

Much of the Holiday Spirit I have has always gone toward making things festive in my classroom while practicing Christmas music from Halloween on.  This year is different (I'm at home most of the time) and I have been thinking more about decorating, even though we won't be here for Christmas. James started it off with some twinkies and I started opening one of our boxes, and I figure we won't be done decorating until we leave for Helena for Christmas.

photo via

We are in a tiny apartment and have a new crawling baby, so getting a full-sized tree was out of the question.  I'm thinking of channeling more of the above feel?  Find little tree for a bucket (we have a bunch leftover from our wedding)?  I'll join the masses and give a tree update everyone on instagram if we pull it off!

Also, we have a TON of grapefruit right now (which is so delicious and makes me feel very healthy in the morning), and I want to sacrifice a few to channel this:

Anthropologie-inspired via U lala
Josey has been watching Happy Holidays from Elmo's world- she got a bunch of Sesame Street DVDs from Nicole & Matt on our West Coast Trip.  I love how she exclaims, "it's Christmas!" everytime she sees decorations.  Reliving the Holidays though the eyes of a child is so awesome, I love that we can do this every year with them.  

What are you doing to get in the Christmas spirit this year?  While I'm starting to feel that itch, to Wear my favorite Christmas sweater & belt "All I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.  is _ _ Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (Oo e ooo ba-bay)" at least once to my is a little playlist for you.  Enjoy!

PS: I got the BEST diy gift from a BFF.  I couldn't help but open it right away because her gifts are always wonderful, and I really want to share it here, because it's such a great idea, but I'm afraid I would spoil the surprise if all my girlies haven't gotten them yet...

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