Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Update from Many Glacier

A friend recently asked me why I haven't posted here lately!  I was hoping that no one noticed.  Truth is, blogging is very different without service, I learned that here last summer.  Plus, life is busier with two- especially in a full house with constant visitors!  

Summer is rolling right along, tourist season in full swing, our fourth Hootenanny was this week- lots of talent including both our little girls who sat with me at the piano.  Every Sunday at 6:30!  It's amazing to think how many Hoots I've played in, coordinated, experienced since 2006.  Boat Co Family in the audience, visitors & employees beaming as they get a break from the norm to listen to sweet music.

Much of my mental efforts have been to document this tradition- to make a film.  I'm working on synthesizing my plan- opening my mouth & talking about it- and setting the wheels in motion.  Gathering archives, planning interview, and anticipating next year's main event:

For all participants of the MGH Hootenanny at any time: we are having a reunion next summer- July 31-Aug 2.  Spread the word, mark your calendar!   More info forthcoming!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mtn Mama: two in July

Watermelon dribbles
Lotsa bug bites
Chipped polish

Treefrog earns
More love from our
Rollercoaster of toddler emotions

Patience is stretching, 
As my no's become certain, 
My yes' plentiful

Still, there are many things to fear:
Whipping winds, the drier buzzer, cars.
"Always safe by momma."

Adventure everyday and
my hands are full, 
my heart's spilling over

Every experience 
Twice as wonderful 
As it already was


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