Sunday, October 12, 2014

Currently: with 2

I just saw my girl Hannah at Joyful Life posted a currently, and is now hosting the linkup!  Hannah, talk about needing to get a blogging butt in gear!  I am so behind.  If I had $5 for every draft I've started since moving North, and not posted, I would be in the market for a good deal on my dream-boot, Fryes.  Let's give ourselves a break though, we have two babies keeping our hands full (everyday, without one doubt, there is someone to remind me how very full my hands are).

Thanks for the prompts to keep me on task here:

Thinking: about how,as James put it, the "rest of the world" lives. We just moved into an apartment out of a trailer.  We wanted to live in town, for proximity to things we like to do, like trails and parks and libraries.  But, we are also trying to save to buy our own house.  So, we were looking at low-rent options, and our other close competitor was a spacious, quirky, retro house in the middle of a trailer court.  Across from a cemetery.  There was little sleep as I worried over where we lived, as there are trade-offs for everything.  At one complex I dropped an application to, the owner/manager said, "you know what I say, if it's meant to be, it falls into place." This apartment by the water fell into place and I am all sorts of thankful! 

Let's say there are some sweet perks, but some things I might try and ignore, like more junk than I'd like and cigarette smoke.  Much of the world lives with violence and hunger, and I worry about a sweet scores on Craigslist, minimizing clutter and adhering to a nap schedule.  

It's important to keep those things in perspective, as the privileged individuals we are in this country.  Important to give thanks!  

Making: a new home.  Really, home is wherever my love & girls are, but this flat is our place until Spring.  Maybe if I get my act together, I'll share some pictures once we're settled.  Its pretty cute, but MAYBE.  

Anticipating: our trip to the Northwest for a November Holiday Celebration!  Love to plan ahead for travel (so many first-world-privileges, I feel spoiled).  

Also, Halloween!  Still brainstorming costumes for the girls... So far Josey's been an elephant & a minion.  This year, she might actually get Halloween a bit more.  Love how much she talks & asserts herself in this world.  Feel pretty darned lucky to be in this life with the one-of-a-kind Josey James!

Wearing: Eliza May.  

Actually, I went for a lovely walk with Eliza May this afternoon, chatted on the phone with a certain special birthday girl, and this boutique, who was having a huge moving sale just drew me in!  I was nervous about trying on my items because she was comfy in the Ergo, and I wasn't going to be like- "Hey, lovely French boutique-designer/owner, will you please just hold my baby while I change out of my sweats into your beautiful clothes?"   Fortunately, the sweet lady offered me this adorable bag, which unfolds into a play-mat for baby, and I was able to try on some gems, which I'm so excited to add to my pre-baby wardrobe (which has been packed in bins for months and months).  Yay for fashion! 

Thankful for:

A roof, a bank account, clothes and ample smiles, giggles, songs and colors. All of them!

Thinking of our Canadian loves as they celebrate Thanksgiving.  Need to get our minis to our Northern neighbor, soon!  


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