Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mtn Mama: Portraits (1/52)

Happy New Year!  
// A portrait once a week in 2015 //
Of our girls, for our girls

Josephine James, 2 and a half.  You could've played in this snowpile all day.  You love to pretend to cook and play with your babies & guys- making them feel better if they bump their heads or get tired.  Singing and dancing are your favorite and you love to pretend to play violin.  Emotion is the root of everything you do!  Sweet sweet girl. 

Elizabeth May, 8 months.  Sleeping is becoming fewer & further between with all the sissy-watching you do.  When you're awake, you sound like Donald Duck, and you're holding on to everything, proud little squaker!  Crawling is no problem for you, and you are also a fan of sidelaying (and leg lifts), flexible baby!  You're both my little cuddly loves, and I love you so!

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