Sunday, February 22, 2015

8/52: sunny sandy sistas

A big part of me doesn't even think the internet, this blog, will be around when these girls are teenagers and older.  Yes, I worry about the apocalypse.  

Still, I think about this as not only a little snapshot for family & friends far away, 
but an opportunity for an artifact for them to look back on.  

Girls, I love watching you grow.  
You get bigger and bigger and I remember growing you inside of me, pushing you out of me.

And everything changed.
I began to understand a whole new level of grief.  

I don't understand why some people lose their babies,
their children, their loves
why it is so hard for some loving, hardworking parents to conceive
yet so easy for teenagers who have no direction.

I'm feel guilt for something I have nothing to do with.  

Instead of pretending to know, I just have to do the best I can.
That's all we all can do.  

So, I want to keep myself to the challenge of blogging your pictures every week.  
You grow so fast!

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