Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mtn mama: 7/52

This portraits project is doing nothing but show me how quickly the weeks barrel by!! 

You girls sure do take it outta me!  I have all the best intentions for so many things, and want to find more energy for you!  

My lights!

You two are just loving eachother more & more, learning to share & play a little bit together.  It is sweet so see and I think about how you're so much like baby animals!  

Eliza has 6+ teeth & loves to crawl & stand to walk around furniture. Says "hi" all the time, smiles & claps and still loves to snuggle.  

Josey Bean, you're turning into such a little girl! So sweet & helpful and full of fire! Current loves are painting and Frozen.  Your "special movie".  Other fantastic quotes of late: 
"I need some privat-cy." 
"Actually, um..." (with the cutest lip-smack and tuck of the girls behind the ears)
"With Eliza" (your response whenever I mention the next outing)

It is amazing to watch you grow.  It scares me, too.  Thinking about my childhood, my hurts and dreams and, how sensitive I was.  I see it all in you, too.  I want to help you through all the scary things, and I want to have FUN with you, too.  

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