Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Choir Chatter: Back to School!

School days, school days... I am back in the classroom at a part-time (.67) teaching job in the Whitefish Schools this year. While I am super-excited about the music aspect, the inevitable planning and organization needed is taking a bit for my brain to kick back into gear!

I was planning to go back to the classroom next year, when Josey goes to Kindergarten, but this really felt like this position was calling to me. SO- I will be teaching High School and Middle School Choir classes!

When I applied for the position, which was listed as two sections of 7/8 choir, I wrote in my letter that I would like to see the sections divided between Boys & Girls. I am so thankful the Principal made it happen, because I honestly don't think I have it in me to teach two combined sections of 7/8 choir back-to-back. Middle-schoolers can be tough!

I'm trying to get organized with choosing music for everyone and getting going because our first concert is October 11th!  I also am not remembering all of the activities and rounds, etc. that I once knew, scouring through the materials I can find and just trying everyday. I'm working with a pretty disorganized library and just trying to get a grasp on what music we actually have and go with it. Thankfully the kids are all so sweet!

Hope to post back here periodically because I loved blogging about teaching the first time around.

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