Sunday, March 20, 2016

I saw a Piano

I saw a piano on a trailer this afternoon. The driver was pulled over, letting some of the traffic thining out before he started driving the instrument down the road again. The piano was all strapped up, and by the way he smiled at me, I knew he was driving it to a home and a person waiting to play it.

Music is such a beautiful thing. I am constantly in amazement, that I am paid to listen to children play music, and share this passion of mine. My eyes often fill with tears during lessons, because I just believe these moments with music are so precious.

Every couple days I find myself in conversation with someone and their family about music- everyone's eyes light up when they talk about it, how they wish they'd kept playing or would like to sit down more often.

Sharing here what I always tell them- it's never too late! It's never too late to start something new or bring back something you loved. If you have a song in you, get it out!

You can SING your HEART out! You can tickle the ivories. You can learn ukulele! You can pluck notes on guitar! You can play the songs you memorized when you were young. You can do it. There are resources, there is time. Instead of getting eye-cancer for staring at our phones, let's do something different.

Life is short, and I believe that it's too short not to use the gifts we've been given, to let life expand further, in color, in harmonies, into every corner.

Life is too short not to look people in the eye, to acknowledge each soul, in mutual respect.

Life is happening, these are the days! If you are interested in participating at North Valley Music School, we have options for you from lessons to classes. Please get in contact with our office!



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